Flying in the Foxbat Ultralight

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Flying in one of my favorite aircraft's. The Foxbat!

Feel like taking a tour in Cambodia? Check out

My video is at DLive


Man what an awesome adventure! I wonder how much that plane would cost? It look like a lot of fun! :0)

@cyberblock i think you can have it only in cambodia .and you do not need to buy it in my suggestion you can #enjoy in it with a very lower amount .
and Dude it is really awesome to #fly through it.

As a child I flew in an air show in an army helicopter.... I still remember that experience with a lot of emotion. 👍👍👍
I wish everyone could live it, I love life. 🛬

that looks amazing.

really its amazing.

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Cool Video, i like Videos in the air, thats why i have same Videos with drone pls have a look :-)

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Disability not a big problem . i am a disable man .i have no problem as usually . i am a disable Cricketer also . so we can do it too


Awesome ride. Love the view from above. Great share.

Its always amazing to fly in the air , you feel like king of the world, my first experience was flying in helicoptor and checking hong kong city from top , its was amazing experience, lets enjoy and move forward

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hey, dude @mitchadventures you are #enjoying the life in a crazy way ..
you are awesome man . we (your followers) really love your blog and to see you in your favourite aircraft.
have a great #life man..
#dude is it your own aircraft ??

Oooohhhh I wanna fly in this thing :-)

I liked the video a lot and the best part... It was short....
PS: That plane looks cool.

Hello michadvanturs so god content and amezing video to your steemit

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Can you please make dlive video on how to signup and upload videos on dlive for the benefit of minnows on steemit platform. I wish i can be onboard with you in your Foxbat aircraft.

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@mitchadventures, howmuch does it cost???

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I'm never watch video like this..
Awesome bro

I have watched the video.. Never watch like this ... I want fly too

I do love the People with full of Hope ! That's amazing bro ! We believe We can Fly ! Keep Rocking !

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jeje i want to do that

Beautiful it also look like a war aircraft funny i like it

sick! :D
If you like oldtimer enduros, check out my new post :)

Awsome! I had the chance to go with a pilot in those kind of small airplanes. What an experience! Hope you had a great day!

That view is just amazing to see.

That plane does look pretty cool.

I hope you had a spectacular time. I've never gotten to be in a plane at all, but I hope to someday. When I was younger I used to make model air-planes and I was surprisingly good at it. I even wanted to go into the air force, but then I started having seizures and I realized I might never get to unless I grow out of them.

beautiful thanks for sharing. I had let go of my childhood dream of flying in small aircraft and I'm only now at 48 years old rekindling that fire, I greatly appreciate the inspiration.

Looks amazing view from the sky.

I understand the feeling. But be sure to be safety conscious. There is no greater feeling that being alive to tell the story.

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