Diggy Metro On Investing In Your Craft, Why Being a Rapper is Dumb + More! (The Hip-Hop Shop)

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Whats up, fam?! On this episode of The Hip-Hop Shop I sit down with Diggy Metro! Be sure to go check out his new album, "Mourning After Reign Fall" which can be streamed on all streaming services!

Here is a breakdown of our conversation:

(0:33) Dig's Record Label, Mellow Wav Records

(12:45) The Music Business

(14:20) Investing In Your Craft

(17:10) Breaking Down His Album, "Mourning After Reign Fall"

(20:00) Dig On Saving His Father's Life From Drowning

(29:30) Talking About Being Just Another Broke Rapper

(30:00) Why Being a Rapper is Stupid

(38:00) Why Your Family & Friends Are Not Your Fans

(44:00) Deep Conversations on Life

Comment Below and let me know your thoughts about the interview! If you want an interview, please comment below!

The Hip-Hop Shop is a place where listeners can come together and indulge in only the best music the genre has to offer. I also curate underground music on my Facebook fan page and produce weekly Song of the Day segments which features new artists.

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