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RE: Mene Jewelry Unboxing by @fullofhope

in #dlive3 years ago (edited)

Aw, look at you!!!! You're good at video, too!!! You're so cute! Maybe it's the dress and the intense greenery but your video made me think of a fairy in a rainforest or something. Or the secret garden!

Magical. So exciting to get Mene, right?!


Girl thank you soo much!!! 🤗🤗🤗 Well I'm glad it came through a little magical, I wasnt sure at first lol.

Yes!!I love the mene, Ive been taking so much photography with it just because it looks so nice hahah

So sorry for the such late response! You're really sweet and I appreciate soo much your time in being my friend here🤗

You're sweet! I'd love to see those photos!!! That's so exciting!