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Wow Lea @coruscate how insane it must have been to have your parents praise you for years for being the “perfect child”, only to turn around and attempt to manipulate you into a way of life that you obviously didn’t want and attempt to make you feel bad about it!! The fact that you’re not bitter about those situations with people who were so close to you speaks volumes of your character. The mental programs people create around their parents are the strongest because they are literally the most influential people during our most vulnerable growth. To go through so much adversity as a young person must have made you into the strong, amazing person you are today! 😘
@larrymorrison- you always ask the best questions! It’s a skill that is lost on a lot people, especially men these days!


Yeah, parents manipulate children, sometimes. Knowing that can help some people. More over, being aware of anthropology, sociology, some of the things that people do, we can better avoid or decline from manipulating people, ourselves, to inspire, influence, encourage, lead by example, instead.

Thank you luv, I have been cultivating the skill of active listening for some time. When I do these interviews I really put it into practice though maybe not so much in my daily life 😏

Your comment totally made my day @ogc. Thank you for making me feel seen! ♥️

I’m so glad that we have become friends!!

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