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RE: Travel with me #117 : Taichung City, Taiwan & Dance Competition Results!

in #dlive3 years ago

Again with the amazing videos/photographs! Taiwan is such a beautiful country, I'll definitely come visit soon! The wind sweeping the fields was so dreamlike. I love your extraordinary shots, although I think you must be itching for the Mavic Pro now hehe. Love the fantastic editing and colour grading is top notch. You didn't post much about the food - do you have plan to release a short mini video about the food you had in Taiwan? I'd love to see them!

However, Thanks thank you for sharing a little adventure, especially, you have show many beautiful shots which really fascinate me.

Spectacular view @sweetsssj
Thanks again


pranto, you guessed right! It's a shame that drones are becoming less popular now, atleast with the authorities, I almost always get intervened when I try to use mine! I'll be doing some more food posts coming up, hopefully you'll find those appealing and to your appetite!

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