Enjoying the World's Famous Bubble Tea at Chun Shui Tang / 闻名的春水堂珍珠奶茶

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Taipei is such an amazing city to visit, with it's beautiful mountains, beaches and great food. This is one delightful island that has it all! I love it's modern yet laidback lifestyle. There are lots of great places and activities in and around Taipei so you never get bored. I'm absolutely loving this relatively short 3 day trip in Taipei!



One of my highlights was to visit Taipei’s Weeeeee! Slide! This is four-story height giant tubed spiral slide, which allows visitors to careen down from top to bottom in a staggering 15 seconds!

Located in the Xinyi district, this crafted slide is 16 meters in height and 42 meters in length. It is said that Taipei’s Weeeeee! Slide is the tallest outdoor spiral slide in Asia!

You don’t need to wear any specific outfit to have a go but only are required to sit in a cloth sack as you speed down. As this is almost like free falling, I felt the exhilarating thrill of reaching maximum speed in such a short time! Amazing ride and recommended for people who are into this kind of thing. Be prepare for an unforgettable 15 seconds of high adrenaline fun, lol.




Chun Shui Tang is a teahouse and claims to have invented the world famous "bubble tea" in Taiwan. Therefore, I knew I had to try it out during this Taiwan trip, lol.

I came across a branch also in the Xinyi District, located on the basement of a large shopping mall there. They cater for both indoor and outdoor seating although the waiting time was around 10 minutes.

I opted for the classic pearl milk tea and, "wow", it was the best milk tea I have ever tasted! It had the perfect milk-to-tea blend and was sweet without being too overwhelming. The boba was chewy and flavourful. Finally, the ice inside the tea is actually crushed, adding a nice smooth element to the drink.

I would highly recommend this place if you are ever in the area, or crazy about the bubble tea like me, haha!






There are loads of famous Taiwanese specialty, including their excellent quality oolong tea and Pineapple cake for you to bring home with you too. Enjoy!





其中一个亮点就是 Weeeeee立体螺旋溜滑梯!它座落在新光三越台北信义新天地A8馆,这可是全亚洲户外最高的立体螺旋溜滑梯哦!滑梯是用不锈钢打造的,全长60公尺,高16公尺,有三个弯道,游客会在15秒内落地!








My video is at DLive



忽然察觉,你站在那杯巨型的珍珠奶茶旁边合照 - 你的服饰和那杯奶茶的颜色是一样的!:D


There're still lots of people loving bubble tea in Singapore.
Not me thought once a while is OK.

I dont have it often but i really enjoy it when I do, hehe.

Then it's like me too :-)

哎呀~ 太可惜了!! 我們住的離那裏很近呢!! 以後有機會可以約一下~~ :D


期待!! :)

Welcome!! @rea Have you tasted other street snacks and visited those night markets during your stay? Enjoy it!😘

Bubble Tea at Chun Shui Tang, so tempted to drinks for group

太爽了, 台湾美食很多


主要是用餐环境和装修都很有特色,很舒服,台湾人真的很会享受这种小日子 :)


when they are short trips I think it is more enjoyable because we visit many places trying to reach our time. The islands always have their charms, places that leave you with a big smile. regards luz fermin.

cuando son viajes cortos creo que se disfruta mas porque visitamos muchos lugares tratando de que nos alcance el tiempo. las islas siempre tienen sus encantos, lugares que te dejan con una gran sonrisa. saludos

their tea making methods always impress me. Their food also make me taste it.




nice views,i like it."sis"

I love Taiwan and bubble tea so much~
Nice post!

Thanks for sharing!

Wow! I was looking at your posts and it looks like you have an exciting life of travel and fun.
Congratulations on your planning and work, which made this possible.
哇! 我正在看你的帖子,看起来你有一个令人兴奋的旅行和乐趣的生活。


Dear @rea
Wow the place is amazing...but I confess, i completely freaked out with the palm trees in the middle of the modern building.
we need something like that in LONDON! hahahaa

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