Amazing New Mobile App For STEEM: PARTIKO 60 fps

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Hi Everyone. It’s I.J. @steemcafe. Thank you for joining us. Today I would like to introduce you to an amazing mobile app for Steem called Partiko. It is an unbelievable, elegant, super fast, gorgeous new mobile application for Steem. It is similar to other applications. You can read post, upvote, leave comments, and of course you can post.

Here is the best part is goes at 60 frames per second. 60!!! As soon as you download this application for the Google play store you will see how fast it goes. Why is this application so different? The answer is in the programming.

The Partiko team wrote the code in Java the native language of Android. Most applications are written in Java Script. Java Script is functional & quick to program in for Android. The native language to Android is Java. The Partiko team is coding is in Java to work better with Android. When the Partiko app runs on Android it is a perfect marriage. This gives the end user a smoother experience.


The Partiko team is made up of very talented, aggressive, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, experienced programs. They have & worked for major corporations from Google Search to Airbnb. They fell in LOVE with Steem. Just like we all did. And decided to make applications that would help Steem & the Steem community grow. My hats off to them.

Download the Partiko app from the Google Play store.

You will really dig it. @partiko would love to hear your feedback. They want to hear how they can improve the user experience & the application. Tell them what you love, like, what you want added, what you want taken away. They are building this for us.

Download the Android app from the Google Play Store

iOS version is being released in a couple of weeks. I’ve gotten a sneak peak at it & it blew my doors off. It was simply put “INCREDIBLE!” They also wrote this app in the native language of iOS called Swift. Once again; a perfect marriage of Partiko & iOS. Ridiculously Awesome!!!

So please download Partiko at the Google Play store for Android. Give Partiko you feedback. They would love to hear from you. Leave you comments, suggestions, and input in the comments below.

You can also contact them through Discord. They are looking to add to the development team. Are you up for it?

Have new ideas to make Partiko better? Want to be part of our dev team? Any form of contributions are welcomed! Our discord channel is still the best way to reach out to us:

Thank you so much for your time & attention. Have an outstanding week. I’m I.J. @steemcafe

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Thank you all.

My video is at DLive


Great work. I will wait for the iOS version and try it out

I agree with you and if you do any post about it,be loyal

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Hello from the Partiko iOS team! The iOS app is coming real soon!


It would be great if you could post a screencast that shows the application running ;)

And are there or will there be any beneficiaries set? Or how will the team pay for it's expenses?

Is Steemconnect being used or do you need to use keys?


Self-Upvote for visibility purposes

Hey Martin, this is Sida replying from the Partiko app. Thanks for your questions! We don't take a cut of people's posting and there is no beneficiary as you can see from this post:

We don't make money in the short term, but in the future we plan to monetize ourselves by providing advanced paid features. No worries, all the must have features you can think of will always be free.

Steemconnect is being used so that people can safely use it.

Good idea to include the screenshots! We would love to hear from you more!

Replied using Partiko Android beta

wow.. I think i like what i am seeing. Off to get mine now

I connected using Steemconnect..its a very neat, efficient app.

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Whoa more app for steem.
Better and better again.
I am waiting for the ios version.
Good stuff.

Great, will try the app soon.

Wow this is ground breaking. I definitely need an app to access Steemit. I can't wait till it comes out on IoS. The interface doesn't look like the Steem interface though? Nevertheless, this is one step closer towards mass adoption. People constantly use their phones for social media. An app will make it so much easier for people to access Steemit as the path of least resistance. This is very exciting!

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let me try the new app. previously i used esteem.

Well done, will give it a try now and hope this is the Steemit app the world has been waiting for. Thanks for all your hard work and I wish you every success guys :-)

Thank you Nathen! Can't wait to hear what you think!

@nathen007 Thank you. Thank you. We try to deliver content people will find useful, entertaining, and informative. Appreciate your kind words & for taking notice of our work. Followed you. Look forward to learning more about you & your posts.

Good Steem mobile App, will give a try... thanks

does exactly what it says on the tin ! Tiny fast app, brilliant. Onwards and upwards team!

I needed it badly. Thank you and i am going to use it right now.

I’m a fan of @partiko and the developers. I can’t wait for the iOS version.

I am too!!! @nikema Sida and the @partiko team are phenomenal. Their LOVE of Steem really shows. Have a wonderful day. Thank you for watching & commenting.

I am also a fan like @nikema.
and I likes @partiko team..
thanks @steemcafe use share important articles in Steemit.

Nikema! Can't appreciate more for your feedback to add the Feed tab! I'm loving it! Keep them coming! Love your new picture!

Thanks Sida. I’m a developer/creator too so I try to give constructive feedback 😀 congratulations in advance for your wild success!

wow, that's great news.
I waiting for it.

I agree it is great news. @dwancina Thank you.

Excellent, thank you, going to test drive it tonight on my tablet first.
That's one thing I like about the steemit community, constant evolution.
Have a great Sunday.

Sweet! Please do. Love to hear what you have to say. @blueorseshoe Steem community kicks butt.

Amazing! Can’t wait for the iOS version. Right now is a very exciting time to be involved with Steem. The possibilities are endless.

Hi @kenmelendez Crazy Cool. iOS is sick man. Great to have you part of the @steemcreators team. We doing this all together.

Hey @kenmelendez, thanks for your support! Working hard to make iOS happen!

it's very interesting to know how much they take from our earning and if they have a steemit account to upvote people from if we use the app.

Hi @clixmoney They take 0% for the app. As for upvoting. I do not know. Great question. Take care my friend.

do you know the team ? do they have a website ? is it safe to share them our keys ?

know the team very to log in you use Steem Connect the most trusted log in service

Hey clixmoney, thanks for raising the concerns, always good to stay safe! We use the most trusted login service SteemConnect so your private keys won't be exposed ever. Also we don't have a website, the Google Play Store page is kinda serving as our website haha.

Let us know what you think!

So @steemcafe , this app is only for android... to bad,
Hope the dev will make this app for IOS,
Take care !

Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!

Click the Image Below to see the Video!

@steemcafe Is the application linked with github. Would love to contribute to this on @utopian-io

Hi @dannytroniz. IDK. They are actively looking for more developers & programs. Great question!

Great post! We're so excited to see @Partiko getting their name out there! The app is so intuitive and easy to use that everyone should be on it already!

  • Iris

goes at 60 frames per second. 60!!! great.

i thank you very much for the information. though i treid esteem for some time not very happy withe the app. often faces some problems. hope Partiko will be good

Hi @nagavolu, Have you reported issues if not please do via or by email: [email protected] ? I will make sure we will include fixes with next update of eSteem. Thank you!

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thank you for the reply. i will do that

Yes bro i try it and i love it too

Thanks for all your hard work and I wish you every success guys :-)i waiting for it. it's very interesting Good luck! I will follow you

Thanks riaj for the good words! Are you using iOS? It's coming up pretty soon! Stay tuned!

I just want to say bloody well done @partiko
It seems we can do anything on here without government interference.
The people are winning :)
Resteemed and voted steem.
Thanks for the tip.

love this app. part is 60 frames

Glad you loved it! Join us at the Discord channel to stay connected! We would love to hear from you more!

This is wonderful I am waiting to hear more information.

Its a great idea @steemcafe .
and its a best app for android users. but ios user also have to get the chance too.
Thank You Buddy.
Thanks A Lot.

Cool and thanks for the app

Good luck! I will follow you! I will also try out new technologies.

Thanks for being a hero! @eduards

How does this app compare to eSteem?

Wow! Now, i can comfortably steem onthe go with my phone.. Although I wonder why an app for is bearing a different name as an app. I expected it to bear the name steemit as well.. But its all good.. At least, I wont have to wait till I am with my PC before i can steem conveniently..

which you post very good .... I've read it .. as a reply to you want to follow me and vote my article....

Good informative post.

I'll give a shot!!!

Thanks Fabian, let us know what you think!

Wow. That’s great thankyou

i will give it a try

Hey @christyanthony, let us know what you think!

This is awesome, finally I'll get steemit in my phone!

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I have an app called eSteem, is that the Steemit app or are you scamming?

Steem is getting wider by every passing day.
I'll check it out @steemcafe

let me try this.

I really enjoy it .

It's a great going to checkout the app asap!!

excellent the creation of an app for steem, so it will continue expanding the community and integrating more people in this beautiful community!

Rewards from this comment will be for the healing of each person who votes.

Totally agree with this post...Help and support each other and the world as a whole--a better place...
creative job @steemcafe, thank you for sharing

Someone please i need a good upvote. Need a gadget to stay online on steemit please....

I wish will have for IOS version too. I am an apple user. 😭 I need something like this app as it would help many people who only have phone to use dor thier steemit posting

iOS version coming out in less than 3 weeks. You will love it.

really? thats awesome. You know esteem is terrible. I tried posting from esteem and it says... error. dah😳

Hey @travelideas, would you mind reporting error to [email protected] or replying here so that we can resolve the issue with next update of eSteem? Thank you very much!

esteem is getting ahead

The difference in speed is amazing!

V.Nice post I Like Your Post

Please Follow Me @rehanshah And Upvote My Post
Thank You

Today i Install this application and app is work fast. Ireally appreciate Team Partiko.

This is great ! I have been using esteem and its as slow as my grandma :)

Wow! Nice work. Coming from a User Experience, the frames per second is really exciting for animations and transitions. 👌

a very interesting and very useful post, gives a lot of knowledge to its readers

Nice post, success is always for you friend

Amazing perfeck post nya

Looks intressting the app , but i dont get it . Why is it important that this app runs on 60 fps ? It is not a Game only a app for posting on steemit . 25fps or 30 fps is still smooth for a app .

Haha I'm glad you brought this up! 60 fps is not just marketing strategy, but IT MATTERS. If the frame rate drops below 50 people will start to feel slow. People might have different levels of tolerance, but the standard for "buttery smooth" is always 60 fps. Let us know what you think of the app!

Well i dont think it matters that a app runs in 60 fps but this is only my opinion . Movies and SD TV Shows are still in 25 FPS and they are not "slow" so why should a app be slow .

Cant wait to try this out, thank you!!!

thanks for your suggestion, i will use that app
success @steemcafe

I'm waiting for ths iOS version I think it will be awesome

How different is it from the other applications

goodness, that is awesome news. At this moment is an exceptionally energizing time to be required with Steem. The potential outcomes are unfathomable.

Not usable interface design. Poor navigation. Inconvenient the search for on filters. I'm sorry, but the mobile web version is better.

thanks for your suggestion, i will use that app
success @steemcafe

This is why I NEED TWO phones. One for android and one for IOS. Looks like I will have to wait for IOS version. @steemcafe

excellent work ..

I have just installed Partiko from Playstore even before I finish watching the video. I really like it. Scrolling the page is very smooth. And it looks very neat. I haven't tried to post with partiko, but it is very good start.

Am sure going to play store straightaway and get this downloaded on mobile. Thanks for sharing this, will help beginners like myself on this platform.

Wow! This is great and useful!
Appreciate it!

Well, am making this post from the app... And loads pretty fast toi

Thanks. You share a good things

your post is very useful.
greetings .
do not forget visit my account, thank

Hi, great job. Trying it out, waiting for updates. Have to try posting with built in editor. Thanks!

Nice and smooth work. Thanks

But after all that, a live video promoting the app, with zero showing of the app in action?

great looking app when is it coming to IOS?

Your post is very good!

Now look me in the eye and Follow Me @cryptopay-blogYour post is very good

Looks promising, excited for an iOS release. Any chance there’ll be a beta or test flight available like steepshot is?

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welcome steemit

buen día, muchos exitos

muchos exitos, feliz día

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Looking forward to the release of the iOS version. The app I use for steem is pretty glitchy so I’d like to give another a try.

Wow!!! We need a steemit app. Great work my friends... Congratulations!!

Amazing work. It will be very helpful for us and we should wait for it. We want competition, competition gives energy and tallent.

Your posts help me find something useful for users of this platform. It really is very fast if using the application you suggest.

there are quite a lot of mobile apps for steem now anyone know which one is the best?

Great work! It's helpful for us! Thanks or sharing ❤

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very good application advancing the new technology and java always advanced to the best web technology as applications in phones and tablets

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