Miss. Delicious #92 : The Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur!

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Dear Steemit Friends:

Mandarin Oriental is a five-star hotel, boasting a convenient central location for shopping, business and restaurants.

Today, I can't wait to take you around the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, discovering the hotel and the food of its beautiful restaurants. Mandarin Oriental is a five-star hotel, boasting a convenient central location for shopping, business and leisure activities. Situated between the greenery of Kuala Lumpur City Centre Park (KLCC Park) and the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, you are spoiled for your choice of view out of every window of the hotel.

Mandarin Oriental wants to be recognised as providing the best and most luxurious hospitality.

The Mandarin Oriental first opened its doors over fifty years ago in 1963 in Hong Kong, the hotel being the tallest building on Hong Kong Island at the time. It prided itself on high service levels and luxury. In 1974 the hotel began expanding by partially acquiring The Oriental in Bangkok, which already had its own reputation for top quality service and hospitality. Over the next couple of decades the hotel group continued to expand across Asia and then in to the rest of the world. Today the hotel group operates 31 individual hotels in 21 different countries with over 12,000 staff. The hotel group openly admits that they do not want to be the biggest hotel group in the world - they want to be recognised as providing the best and most luxurious hospitality.

The Mandarin Oriental in Kuala Lumpur opened in 1998 and is one of the largest of the group, with 632 rooms, 41 suites and 51 apartments. The facilities are extensive with 6 restaurants and two bars, a gym, its own spa and an infinity pool that has views over the nearby KLCC Park. It has been rated more than once as the best hotel in Kuala Lumpur as well as making it in to the top 100 hotels in Malaysia frequently.

Upon your arrival in the hotel, the first thing you are struck with is the level of service. The employees at the hotel were most kind and welcoming as soon as I made my way up the hotel stairs from my taxi. Though the Mandarin Oriental Hotel is a prestigious and large hotel, I was made to feel welcome straight away. The service of all of the staff was bright and friendly, but of course still very professional as you'd expect from a five-star hotel. In fact, the hotel is famous nation and world wide for its exceptional, personal service.

The Mandarin Oriental matches its high levels of service with luxurious interior design and attention to detail. The lobby is spacious and beautifully maintained, managing to hint at Oriental roots with its design while still feeling sleek and modern. The real wood panels and black polished marble give a sense of grandeur and scale that really suit this historic hotel group, particularly with the Kuala Lumpur hotel being one of their biggest. Unlike some hotel lobbys, which seem perpetually busy and frantic with people, I felt at ease and relaxed as soon as I walked in the front doors. The atmosphere is calm and welcoming which was special to find in such a large hotel.

As you can see, my visit was near to the Christmas period and as I explored my hotel further, I discovered that the hotel had been delightfully and tastefully decorated for Christmas. It's easy to have holiday decorations thrown in your face at that time of year, and I was pleased to say that the Mandarin Oriental had struck a lovely balance between grandeur and subtlety with their decoration. Keeping to neutral gold colours and favouring twinkly little lights over big bold baubles so the hotel felt quite magical.

The Petronas Twin Towers are located just next to the hotel and their iconic silhouette dominates many of the views from the hotel windows. These two spectacular buildings were the tallest in the world for eight years, from 1998 to 2004 and are still the tallest twinned towers in the world. They are one of Kuala Lumpur's most recognisable buildings and are famous around the world for their interesting and impressive architecture.

Each tower has 88 floors and are linked on the 41st and 42nd floors by the Skybridge

The towers were first designed by an Argentinian architect called Cesar Pelli. The first work on the two structures began in 1993. Petronas Towers officially opened on the 1st of August 1999. One interesting fact about the towers is that they hold the world record for the deepest foundations in the world. Each tower has 88 floors and are linked on the 41st and 42nd floors by the Skybridge that you can see connecting them in the middle. This bridge hangs 170m above the ground and I was told that with, clever engineering, it isn't rigidly attached to either building because in the wind they can sway by a couple of meters each way. The bridge is able to 'slide' in and out of each end of its building so it doesn't snap as the buildings move. Scary! I was glad that I was over here looking at the bridge rather than on it because it was quite windy.

A Room with Details

Come and see my room

Tastefully decorated with in classic neutral tones with accents of colour, my Club Deluxe Room looked like a very nice, classy hotel room. I really liked it, but it wasn't until I started discovering all of the details that I completely fell in love with it. I said before that the Mandarin Oriental is known for its high level of service and attention to detail, and you really see it in the rooms.

When exploring the cupboards, as you always do in a new hotel room, I found two different bath robes. The white one for drying off and keeping warm straight after your bath and shower, was luxuriously soft and fluffy. I just had to rub my cheeks on it, it was so lovely and soft. The second, in yellow, was for just relaxing in. When I pulled it out and tried it on (I just couldn't resist) I loved the Oriental style and unique, slightly retro pattern. These little things just put you in touch with the hotel's roots in 1960's Hong Kong. Next to the robes was a lovely little touch, a prayer mat for any Muslim visitors using the room. What a fantastic idea to make worship a little easier for their guests.

Moving in to the bathroom I was blown away by the black marble basin and the huge bath and walk-in shower. I would have to relax in that tub sooner rather than later! Clearly the cleaning staff had spent a long time making sure every little thing was perfect, with not a towel, tissue or bottle out of place.

Hidden in another little cupboard was the coffee making machine with every single style of tea and coffee you could imagine. Below that was an extensive mini bar with drinks and snacks so you would always have something to refresh you should you want it.

As the sun rose on my first morning I opened the curtains to find a stunning view of the Petronas Twin Towers. The huge windows of the hotel afford excellent views of the Skybridge, which was nearly level with my hotel room! I suddenly felt very high up. From this close you could get a sense of the impressive scale of the Towers. Even though my hotel room was very high up, I wasn't even half as high as the tallest tip of the Petronas Towers. No wonder they needed the deepest foundations in the world!

Accidentally matched my outfit to the welcome information book

Petronas Twin Towers

My pool to infinity

Set amidst its own tropical gardens, Mandarin Oriental's infinity pool offers views of KLCC Park and the attractive skyline of KL's central business district. With the trees of the park just peaking up over the edge of the pool, I could imagine that I was swimming in the treetops of a rain forest. Except of course for the big modern buildings behind them! But I like to imagine, you know me. The effect of the infinity pool design is amazing and looks like you could just swim off into the horizon. I stayed a little bit back from the edge, actually, just in case!

The pool was just the right temperature and was surrounded by tropical palms and trees, making you forget about the hotel next to you. A perfect spot to come and relax and get away from the chaos of the big city and just take in the view.

Bird trying to go for a swim

A Club Room breakfast

There is a 10,000 square meter man made lake called Lake Symphony within the park with an impressive 43m bridge reaching over it.

The KLCC Park is located right in the heart of the city, and spans over fifty acres of land. It offers a serene retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city and the gardens are beautifully manicured to suit many tastes. There is a 10,000 square meter man made lake called Lake Symphony within the park with an impressive 43m bridge reaching over it. I could just see the bridge from some of the hotel windows and enjoyed watching the people strolling around the park and relaxing. In the lake are impressive fountains, some of which can shoot water over 40m high in the air. The park has over 1,900 indigenous trees and the contrast of the green park with the surrounding city buildings is quite beautiful.

As part of my Club Deluxe Room I was able to use the Oriental Club on the 19th floor. Much smaller than the Mosaic Restaurant where the majority of the hotel's guests are served breakfast, the Club room is a relaxed place to come and enjoy a peaceful breakfast. Though of course as beautifully appointed as the rest of the hotel with art and quality furnishings, the large windows with that view really steal the show. But of course, that doesn't stop the hotel making sure all of the details are taken care of. You feel like you are entering a good friend's private lounge and study area with all of the finishing touches like the little reading area with shelves full of books and beautiful ornaments scattered everywhere.

But I forget, I must get on to the food! Otherwise I wouldn't be Miss Delicious would I? Breakfast was elegantly served in a buffet style with assorted stone and metal dishes holding many of the delicacies. My mouth was watering at all of the bright colours and fresh foods.

Cute stone serving bowls with fresh fruit

Everything you need for a fresh continental breakfast

Fresh baked pastries, cold meats and traditional Malaysian food

When I entered the Oriental Lounge, I was inspired by the view and felt sheltered by the intimate atmosphere. I wondered if the breakfast selection may be smaller than you would find in the main restaurant, and perhaps it was, but I was very happy with the spread I found myself with. I tried to get a little bit of everything. There was eggs, sausages, pastries, fruit, congee and freshly squeezed juices and smoothies. The colours of the foods spread in front of me had my mouth watering and it was hard to stop myself diving straight in to my feast.

With the view for company, I tucked in and tried to take my time over each different flavour. That wasn't too hard to do, it turned out, because I also couldn't stop staring at the beautiful view of KL city right next to me.

The building opposite me was shiny gold. I was trying to see if I could wave at my own reflection in the opposite window - silly me! But it was a bit too far away to see little old me in the reflection I think. Still, I had a lot of fun trying in between mouthfuls of my delightful food.

Getting started on my morning colourful feast

The classy-casual Wasabi Bistro

In the evening I had five different restaurants to choose from. A hard choice! The Mandarin Grill offers fresh grilled food in a range of different styles and Lai Po Heen offers a high class Cantonese dining experience. There is also Mosaic which offers a varied buffet, Wasabi Bistro with its Californian-Japanese fusion and Aqua with its more casual dining menu.

I decided that Japanese with an injection of American fusion sounded amazing, and a little different too, so it had to be Wasabi Bistro. I wasn't quite sure what Californian-Japanese meant so I wanted to give it a try.

With a range of seating options, Wasabi Bistro caters for busy business men to couples to larger groups. From the more traditional seating of a sushi restaurant, in a line in front of your chefs, to separate booths for larger parties of people, it had a lovely atmosphere. If a restaurant is too segregated then it can lack the lively atmosphere, but if everyone is all seated in one large room it can become too noisy to hold a nice conversation. Wasabi Bistro got it just right, and with all those awards on the walls, I hoped they would get the food just right too!

Well it certainly looks the part! The presentation of the food was as immaculate as the rooms. Time was given to every element of each dish and the presentation was painstaking. As with breakfast, I was struck by the use of colour and contrast in the foods. I couldn't decide what I should try first. The sashimi portions were extremely generous and the sushi was all beautifully rolled and presented.

Noodles and salad on the side

I have rarely had sashimi this thick before. The portions at the Wasabi Bistro are really big and look how beautifully the nigiri contrasts from dark orange, to white and red, to light orange and finally to white. Simple in concept but elegant in execution, I couldn't wait much longer before I had to make a start on this Japanese fusion food.

The presentation boards here are also lovely. They are simple and rustic which further shows off the clean cuts and bright colours of the food. The slightly rounded edges and weathered look of the wood makes the fish look almost perfect be comparison. My favourite had to be the classic salmon nigiri. The salmon melted in your mouth and I just wished there was more.

Intricate and complex sushi

The Wasabi Sampler gave you a few different bits from the menu to try. The selection came with ahi poke, mini tofu, spinach with goma sauce, shrimp tempura and rainbow roll sushi. I have to say I really love little tasting plates because I like to experience a lot of different flavours. They also make you appreciate each bite of food just a little bit more than if you had a big plate full. You know you've only got one or two bites to try so you make sure that you savour every single bite.

Lovely tasting platter

Finally came dessert. I opted for the very simple ice cream selection. To my surprise, perhaps I shouldn't have been, there was a Wasabi flavoured ice cream! I'd like to pretend like the green ice cream that you see here was me being adventurous and trying that, but I actually went for Belgium chocolate and Pistachio. I just couldn't imagine a type of radish, that's spicy, in an ice cream.

My dinner companions for the evening - look at them smile for the camera!

Thank you friends for joining me at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur. It's been so fun to explore the views, the rooms and the restaurants of this iconic luxury hotel with you. My favourite bit would just have to be the beautiful Californian-Japanese fusion of the Wasabi Bistro restaurant, with the colourfully presented sushi, though breakfast with the view of the city has to be pretty close.

I really hope you enjoyed your trip and meal with me. If you did, please leave a comment below and let me know which your favourite picture was and give this post your vote. Of course, if you want more about my food and travel experiences, hit follow on me and we'll explore the world and its foods together.





走进大堂,以金色为主调的空间设计熠熠生辉,我一进门就被大堂中央美妙优雅的现场乐队奏乐所吸引,钢琴演奏家和大提琴手的专注演出让我沉醉在悠扬的音乐声里,忘记去check in。酒店装修的每一处细节都体现了古典雅致的亚洲文化精髓,酒店以最能代表亚洲气派风范的折扇作为品牌logo,让我很感兴趣的是,全球29家酒店里还藏有着29把拥有独特图案和背景故事的折扇。




酒店的早餐种类丰富,处处体现着这个品牌细致体贴的服务态度。一直以来都听说,马来西亚人对于日料是情有独钟。虽说来到一个全新的城市,体验当地风味小吃是每个旅行者的必修课,但是我觉得能够感受一下当地人喜欢吃的美食,也不失为深入体验本地文化的一种方式。正好在我住的酒店里面就有一家日料餐厅Wasabi Bistro,所以我决定去尝试一下。


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This is my first time stumbling across @sweetsssj's post and I am just amazed at her content quality. The text format equivalent to a magazine and the vivid photos well delivers your experience to steem :) It's a shame you post only once every 10 days or so!


you are looking so sweet


Wow... Forget the haters, you deserve everything you have. There are magazines that aren't as good as this article. Is it just me, or have you really stepped up your photo game? They all look professional level, even better than usual!

Okay, okay. Enough kissing your behind (even though I mean every word). And that hotel! I kind of want to try the bridge, I didn't even know something like that existed.

Of course, you looked super cute in that bathing suit and the komono (that was a komono, yes?) I point out the bathing suit only because I've never seen one like it, before.

Anyway, great work. You're always pushing your limits and getting better, and I find that admirable. Cheers.

Thank you jenkinrocket, I'm always playing g around with different styles of editing which help to make the photos stand out a little more!

I think it's good to try do better and better, even if it's tiny improvements that nobody can notice, it builds up over time and when compared to work from some time ago, the differences can be quite big!

I'm really glad that you appreciate the post and my work in general, I put as much effort as I can into my posts and I prefer to have quality over quantity !

That's a good philosophy, one that should probably be applied to all areas of life.

where are you...sweetssj

I put as much effort as I can into my posts and I prefer to have quality over quantity !

I attest to this!! Whenever I see your posts I really take time or make out time to read it cos it's always worth reading. From the post to the pictures to the food and locations brings so much joy to the viewers added to your glowing beauty to crown that. Continue doing what you do best. My wish is to go on one tour with you. Take care and happy Sunday.








马来西亚拥有很多不同的美食,这里对美食家而言 - 是个美食天堂 :D

想必甜姐也喜欢马来西亚的当地美食吧 :D


Hello Sandia 😇

What an beautiful post and combined with a perfect mixture of traveling and deliciousness 😉

The Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur is most probably the first hotel that i liked the most from your recent posts about Hotels and their services and especially their Room quality,

Even this hotel is so baig with that much Rooms, they still managed to satisfy each customer with their heart's content and be professional at the same time,

The infinity swimming pool is one of my favourite part in this post because the view from that pool is breathtaking and iam sure you enjoyed your swimming their.🤓

Well after seeing so much traveling Content i totally forgot about that this is actually "Miss Delicious Part"😅😅 But thanks to your recall about the Title of post after so much traveling details. I came to know that 😂

Well what can i say about the food 🤔

As always it's Too much yummy and also too much for even 2-3 persons 😅and the Colors of food is very beautiful and iam sure they are tasty too.

I know being a traveling or Food blogger is not an easy task at all because i personally also trying to improve my food and traveling blogs and your these types of blogs surely give me huge motivation and Tomorrow iam also going to share about my recent visit to a very Different kind of Restaurant in my city and iam sure you will like that,so whenever you got sometime have a look on that post tomorrow 😇

Have a nice day dear Sandia 😇


Wow, I can't express how much smiley faces are in this comment, it brings a smile to my face! I know food blogging can be quite difficult, and I had a long think about how to do this in a way that is entertaining and informative at the same time. This is one of the reasons why I like to include a lot of content of the general area as well. After-all, the Michelin guide became useful because it was for travellers looking for places to eat.

I'm looking forward to your food post tomorrow in that case :)

I really like this picture! Those buildings look like manhatten or osmething, but unqiue,

and hey you finally started using Dlive! Very proud of you! Now you can start conquering Dlive and like I predicted, hah you would become the number one person on Dlive and that is a great responsibility you will do great woth! Youre going to beleading a large group of vloggers on dlive, and many others will switch from Twitch to Dlive after they see you and the sort of lifestyle that can be obtained by simply Blogging on steem!

Pretty amazing how you get to shape the future of Dlive if you choose!

You could make some REALLY cool Dlive shows or just upload pre recorded edited vlogs casey neistat style, have you ever seen this girl who shows how easy it is to make a nice Casey Neistat style Vlog with the cool music and its easy! Boom you can have some serious youtube audience!

I would love to help you get this going! Youre lifestyle is GREAT for this!

Always some lovely suggestions and i'll definitely look into it. I need to practice video editing some more, i've been using my phone a lot for that because the computer versions are so difficult to navigate sometimes, especially for making simple things.

I feel so bad like I have been neglecting to see if you have done a posting lately. @sweetsssj

I always wants you to be happy and iam happy that my Smilies do that work perfectly 😅




😁 我们大马中文小组 @cn-malaysia 十分欢迎你的到来,希望你玩的愉快

Greetings, sweet and sweet sweetsssj

I missed you and your posts. I noticed you take a while to post. I keep looking. I had not told you, but the first post I saw at the steemit was yours, about a beautiful place you met. I saw the first day that I came here on the platform.

This hotel that you show us is very beautiful and elegant. By its writing, Oriental Mandarin is excellent both in relation to the employees and the structural part. I really enjoyed the pool, opened that way. Her sight is very beautiful. The breakfast also draws a lot of attention, because the pictures it showed make you think the food is appetizing.

Lastly, your photos there are beautiful. Your photo at the restaurant is a charm.

Thank you and good evening!!

greetings julisavio! It's so lovely getting such comment, it fills me with a lot of joy to hear that my post was the first you saw on steemit, it gives me a lot of motivation to keep putting out good posts to keep making positive impressions of steemit. I'm in the process of "moving" to a new continent so hopefully I'll have a lot of good posts coming soon outside of the Asian continent. Also, will definitely try to up my frequency. That said, I do like to spend my time these days making each post, as well as making the videos, so the amount of work means posting everyday is not really possible!

Okay, I hope the continent change is well done and positive. I'll always be following you, sweetheart. Good evening!!!

i've never thought Kuala Lumpur such a luxurious place, and Malaysia as a whole, they are quite progressive as a country, i don't know what is their secret, when it comes to tourism they are one of the best the same as Thailand, I hope Philippines(my country) will copy their way of running a country. :D

I actually thought the opposite, that Kuala Lumpur would be full of places like this.. it turns out that it is quite balanced. I thought the tourist tax was quite strange though, one would think that tourism should be welcomed and not taxed?

all those photos are fantastic!! want to visit Malaysia sometime!!

Thank you leftbank! Malaysia is like a really big cooking pot of Asian cultures, I was so surprised to see all sorts of ethnicities there!

Beautiful expression .. Well done
It makes us get excited for the future
Thank you for sharing that with us..

You're such a sweet and pretty @sweetsssj 😊

The beauty of your photos reflects on how pretty you are 😄

you are so sweet elizah thank you!

Beautiful pictures!

hey sirstacksalot, nice to see you drop by!


very much so!

Hey @sweetsssj How have you been? Beautiful place and really like the pic of you sitting by the pool side. Of course, you know I love all the food. Looks fresh and the presentation is on point.. Thanks for the menu pic! I have not been posting as much lately but ready to get back into the groove. If you have a chance come visit. Much Love, Tess

hi tess, I never really thought Malaysia had this kind of aesthetic, alot of what you see is just the twin towers but right beside it are so many of these little gems.
Will be visiting your blog for sure!

The foods look so yummy

You are such a great traveler, I really really want to travel like you do.. I'm doing my best but it seem so far, thanks for sharing all the time cool places and wonderful dishes !! I'm totally your fan haha even the bird is cute !!

hah jokossita, thank you so much, I think we can always appreciate exotic food and places right! :)

Thanks to you really, for sharing with us all this in a great way

nice blog nice love you blog thanks.

thanks dear :)

Your a good poker player @jokossita so maybe you can travel on the World Poker Tour 😁

Jajajaja @stealthtrader I stopped playing for a few weeks Wish I could travel to the World Poker Steemit tour hahaha Thanks for this xD

I hear ya I stopped as well, but anytime I look I don't see any freerolls open 🤔
I was actually a dealer on the WSOP a long time ago! 🃏
I would've rather been a player for sure tho!

A very beautiful post with eye soothing photography. You are always amazing in your work.
This is my favourite picture of this post :). I do not know what's so special about your work that it binds the readers. I guess that it is the way you present yourself in these posts. You become a bridge in between your content and readers.
You are doing an amazing and inspiring work. :)

this is awesome @sweetsssj,

as always you have the best of the best travel post content on this steemit world.

thanks for sharing the awesome place.
The Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur hotel, the food look so tasty too, the place is very excellent in away you present us.

that's why you have many followers.
we love you always, we will support you always our sweet delicious sweetsssj ^_^

thanks for sharing and guiding us
in our future travel with the family.,

I love this photo:

all and all you Got, my "Yes" super thumbs up.

Upvoted and resteem

Thank you mrblu I was a little hesitant about posting this picture, but since you like it that's good!

hi @sweetsssj

i made a video presentation on your travel on youtube.

hope you will love it sweet.


Very nice. Keep posting.

wow incredible pictures really beautiful rooms and delicious food u enjoying your life

I found you through one of the auto-generated abuse reports for upvoting. I'm rather impressed at the amount of information you put into your blog. The pictures are amazing and you tell a interesting story. Don't stop upvoting yourself and take one from me too. I am impressed, I had no idea this level blog was here on steem, followed!

hi phreakerx! Thank you for dropping by, it's been a really interesting journey so far, and I'm definitely here for the long haul so I always do my best in every post. Hopefully i'll see you often now that you're following! I'll be posting about once a week, possibly a few times a week this summer so there's lots of stuff to come :)

wow this time I see you again ... since when did you go to malaysia sayang 😀😀😀😀. enjoy the beauty of the twin towers in my neighboring countries.

aha it was a bit of an unannounced trip a little while ago. I only got a stay for 2 days..

Kuala lumpur Malaysia is very beautiful I will visit there this May.

ooh really, that's great! I'd love to see what it's like in the summer months!

You're so blessed @sweetsssj!!! You inspired my entire year. I want to boss up like you one. Thank you super mummy!!!

Absolutely lovely post @sweetsssj. The Mandarin Oriental, KL owe you big time. They should put a link to this post on their website. I think your posts in general should have current and future investors in Steem drooling.

Wow. This is absolutely luxury experience.
So beautiful and like always you look so beautiful my friend and you are always inspiring me to become better bloger and I learn so much from your just amazing and so perfect posts.
Thank you so much for sharing this amazing experience with us @sweetsssj

hey joalvarez, nice to see you here! You're doing very well I think, just keep at it and you'll be where you want to be very soon I think :)

Thanks for sharing this post,and you are a great travelar.......And i appreciate your lifestyle.
Personally I love this dlive channel.
Keep it up my dear friend.....
Upore and resteemit

thank you triptybarsha! you're very kind! :)

Most welcome my dear friend....Have a nice day.

Wow . Welcome to kuala lumpur
Nice shot photography Petronas twin tower
I like it Malaysia.
@sweetsssj Because I work in Malaysia
➖➖➖ @bitrocker2020 The super beautiful busty in the world

The twin towers send greetings to you

is that you in the picture? That's really cool how did you get that shot!?

hehe thank you dear my personal photo. I went to twin towers a few days ago. when do you go here if you're still here you can also come to my place. Putrajaya The scenery is also a great place for the prime minister

amazing yaaaaaaaaaaaam i am also fall in love with food
this place is amazing thanks for sharing such a beautiful remembrable thoughts with us thanks again


wow, you're very beautiful

Everything is awesome;)

Wonderful of your new post..i appreciate this life..i like this travel..amazing lifestyle..all the best..
upvote and resteemit.

thanks younus2, enjoy!

Awesome review!!!! Thx <3 Please more!

You so deserve the appreciation that you get. You just post a complete travel magazine! Awesome.

thank you stranded, i really appreciate your comments!

I would like to know all the languages to be able to travel around the world ....!

I wishes i can also join such a great travel mate sometimes. Will that time keep it up.

aw thanks, will do vishalhkothari!

Very nice hotel. I'm impressed with your beautiful service. Thank you so much for giving a nice hotel information.

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I didn't know Hong Kong's Mandarin Oriental was the first one in the world. The live band at the lobby is really five star! And the pattern on the brochure looked made it looked like it grew out of your dress! So you did not go onto the Petrona towers themselves? It looks like it could be exciting😊 . And from the window it looked like the hotel is quite close to the building opposite. That's one thing that I don't like about big cities, everything feel so cramped! Anyways, great to see your post and get a chance to chat to you again 😊

stabilowl! Yes i was surprised it was also first established in Hong Kong, but I guess the name is quite fitting right? I love the ambience of the hotel and the band certainly helped a great deal with that. I have to admit, i'm not actually all that excited by extremely tall buildings, atleast not being inside them. Sometimes they're better appreciated from the outside rather than inside. After a certain height, everything seems so small anyway and you don't really get a sense of just how high it really is.

I have to agree with you that big cities all suffer from the same problem of being cramped, but it is still amazing to see what people have achieved, because the area surrounding the towers are truly astonishing, hopefully i'll show exactly how amazing it is in my next post about KL.

As always lovely to hear from you!

Can't wait to see your next post! Malaysia has always been on my list of places I want to travel to. I have a lot of collegues from Malaysia, and heard a lot about the extremely good food there! Are you still in Malaysia right now or was it a past trip?

So many foods
Food is life ♥

definitely! :)

postingan yang sangat bagus dan menarik. Saya menyukainya....

Thanks for great food.i appreciate this traveling..

thanks for visiting !

I never stayed there but I remembered some years back I went KL, I went there for a dimsum lunch. It was fabulous.

Do you mean at Mandarin Oriental hotel? Or KL in general??

Mandarin Oriental KL but of course KL has some good dimsum too :-)

Wow, what a great view and what an amazing infinity pool 😮I visited KL but I guess I need to go back and stay at that place! Thank you for showing it to all of us :)

And when you do, i'm sure you know you gotta blog about it right here on Steemit!

Will do :)

a very enjoyable trip that I can see from your post @sweetsssj. You picked the right place this time and I can see it from what is seen from the photos. I can only pray that you stay healthy and successful there.

thanks dianclasher!

Welcome to dLive...i love your lifestyle

ha! I've been posting videos on dlive for quite a few posts now, but thank you!

Food es the best part :9

Very relaxing hotel to stay @sweetsssj... I was able to stay only in Grand Millennium Hotel in KL with my husband when we were in KL coz our budget is thight. Thanks for sharing...

Ooh I actually saw that whilst searching for hotels , also very good!

Yes giid hotel too, but we chise there because just besides Pavillion Mall😊...
Thanks for sharing, next time will check tht if hve budget...

like a dream that never came for us .😥😥

But you can live it vicariously through my posts!

Beautiful photos and the tropical food are enticing! I always love your posts @sweetsssj 😊

Hi emdesan KL really is quite the tropical food metropolis, it's just a shame I could only stay for two days! Thanks for always supporting!!

You're always welcome!

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You visited Kuala lumpur now, my favorite place. Nice post @sweetsssj

really? Are you from Malaysia dear?

I'm not from my Malaysia, but I'm from Indonesia, but I have much friends and family there, I often come to visit them. I wish I could meet you in kuala lumpur lol

Hola me encantan tus post, son imcreibles.

That sushi looks on point!

Thank you for this great post!

Awesome photography and content is totally outstanding I am wondering the world with you and it's amazing experience as how elaboratory your travel description is really I enjoyed.

hi julia, it's wonderful you can feel like your part of the journey, that's how I always try to write my posts. It's lovely to have you come along :)

Yeah I can feel it by your awesome post I love the entire texture and pics quality is so lovely God Bless you dear.

@sweetsssj another wonderful post. I loved hearing the live music in your video. What a stunning hotel, love the two bathrobes, I have never seen that as an option before. Interesting facts about the towers having the deepest foundations in the world. The shopping centre very much reminded me of Singapore. The infinity pool is gorgeous and breakfast looked amazing. I definitely recommend you stay at Marina Bay Sands, it is absolutely stunning. Looking forward to the next one. PS: loving that blue and white dress and your outfit in the breakfast gif looks gorgeous

heyyyy Gemma (iirc) I have yet to explore Singapore but i'm really looking forward to the Marina Bay Sands as you mentioned, it looks absolutely incredible!

You will absolutely love it!



What an beautiful post and combined with a perfect mixture of traveling and deliciousness.Anyway, great work. You're always pushing your limits and getting better, and I find that admirable.

You really enjoy your life just keep it up

Love your posts @sweetsssj !!!

They are always classy 💗 💗💗



Hey @sweetsssj welcome to the vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur !!! Hope you enjoy your stay here even though it's a short trip.

Thank you bitrocker we will have to organise something next time I'm around for longer!

we must! You've got a lot of fans in Malaysia. BTW... I left u a message on steemit chat. Hope you can have a look once you have time... Cheers and enjoy your trip

All the foods are I guess so delicious, But you can't eat all of that alone, so it is easy to invite me we can eat together @sweetsssj, LoL hihihi.
The place and your photography was so beautiful like you.

Aw thank you jie. But if I invite you I have to extend it to everyone else too and that would be.. problematic. Maybe we'll have to organise a feast though!

Wow we will wait for that hoping to be with your feast soon. hihihihihi

wow, cant believe you are here, my country, my living place, kuala lumpur ! ah-ha! thats amazing trip, hope you enjoy this trip and also welcome to m'sia. must go to try the local style coffee-shop "wong ah wah" in Jalan Alor at night time, just very near from your hotel, just 10minutes drive if there is no traffic jam

ah it's a very short stopover, but it's made such an impression that i'm going to be coming back for a full tour soon! :)

yeah you betcha, there is a lot of a lot of a lot of food waiting you ! haha

Wow ! such an over the top and luxurious place to stay @sweetsssj ! Loved your video and photos !! The robes and infinity pool is awesome , and the food all looks so delicious I would eat it all Lol! Wish I was there , some day I hope to in the future ! Thanks so much for sharing with us all here on Steemit ! Upped and resteemed , I will for sure be back to also upvote and resteem into my @momskitchen food blog for all my foodie followers ! 😋✌👍💕📷

I need to revisit KL. I don't remember this hotel serving sushi except outside next to the hotel.

@sweetsssj i hope you could visit the Philippines too. i really enjoy reading your blog and i am always waiting for your travels and tours. it was like i am also staying in vacation with the places you featured because of your descriptions and experiences. thank you for sharing to us such beutiful places. 😊

great ... you are donig your best to surprize us every day .. all the best

Well, every week :) ! You're welcome!

It is a wonderful hotel and after reading your post, watching the video and looking at the beautiful photos it feels like I actually was there in the hotel, with you. Beautiful steem post! Congrats @sweetsssj

I wonder how you can eat lot of food?

I am always impressed with your photo collection and the hotels you choose to stay.

This hotel give you feel like Home. Even the view from hotel is very beautiful. Swimming pool, Dishes, Room Furnishing, Snacks, Drinks.

They treat you like you are the queen of this hotel.

They treat their customers like king or queen.

When you are going to visit in India?

You know, I wonder that myself ! I think it's because I have a very high metabolism and also because I'm always wandering around on my feet, walking about 20,000 steps every day!

Yeah I can imagin how much you walk. Your fit body speeks.

What an absolutely gorgeous place @sweetsssj!!! And those parrot fish are too cute! We have two of them.... not quite as big, but equally as pretty!

As always - I LOVE your outfit you had on at the dinner table! - So elegant!!!

Hope you are well and having plenty of fun on your travels hon... Mwah! xxx