Dlive Rocks!

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I've been using DLive.io for the past 2 weeks now, and I really enjoy it! This is my third posts on this emerging platform. DLive has been running for a couple of months already, and it is growing fast!

Why I Love DLive.io!

  • Only blockchain based platform for live streaming
  • Uncensorable alternative to Youtube and other video hosting websites
  • Ad-free
  • DLive discord (link)
  • DLive Twitter Account (link)
  • DLive has the 7th most powerful Steem vote (link)
  • DLive supports a wide range of Steemians (link)
  • Authors keep 100% of their posts reward (link)
  • Dlive is being developped actively (link)
  • DLiveStar Campaign Contest (link)
  • Creator of Dlive @wa7
  • Learn more at @dlive and DLive.io

Thanks @karensuestudios for filming and editing this video!

To learn more about me click here!

My video is at DLive


That's awesome man. Hope there will be many more stories like yours. Thumbs up!
Steemit Changed my Life!

hahahaaa This is awesome and funny ! LOL

hahhaha! :) Love it!

interesting article very useful

We're happy to see you on DLive @teamsteem.
Btw, I like your t-shirt 😊

I'm also very happy to be part of the DLive family!

Oh and I also really love that shirt!

Thanks for all the support Red!

Now I'm looking forward to making my first Dlive post. You're really doing a great job here @teamsteem.

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I am going to check out this Dlive... and see what it is all about.. upvoted

I should have totally mention you in this post Red! Thank you for all the support! Getting to know you has been a lot of fun!

Awww I love dlive! You look good in your dlive shirt 😆

I have a DTube shirt, but now I need a DLive shirt.

Thank you for your information and sharing that news with us @teamsteem

Regards @xpilar

Great work!

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You are looking so handsome. I very much love Dlive. Thanks for sharing the video.

This is your third posts on this emerging is... image

Gracias por la información

Woo hoo!!! Look at you in your shirt 😁

Hi teamsteem,

Wow, DLive had this many advantages, did not know. Thanks for informing me this.
How do I know when I need to use DLive? ...

I never was on Live Youtube or Facebook Live.

Great Post!

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I just adore your accent. Dlive is great, I like that they don't take a percentage of the post rewards. You've inspired me to make a video yay!

Cool T-Shirt my friend.You are looking great.

Thanks you dear @teamsteem sir for sharing your very informative post.i belive it is very helpful for us.
@upvote and @resteem is done

Beast - consider moving to another platform in the mean time. Steemit and its associated video site Dlive are growing by the day, and the monetization (cryptocurrency based) is much better than YouTube and Dube.

You rock my man! I might have to step up my video game soon! :)

Thanks @stacking and you definitely should!

Last time I did a live was on FB like 6 months ago haha... I'll see what I can do lol

interesting and helpful article...you can do it in a good manner
wish you good luck :)

I really like how Dtube/Dlive works. Content is being promoted by us people, not by algorithms.

Nice one @teamsteem..... I love dlive too

Yeah dude you are dlive rock always your videos are best

Dlive is better than dtube... o/

Works better for you? I'm legitimately wondering as I have tried to use dtube but had too many issues with it shitting itself mid-upload, but dlive looks like it could be promising.

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I never realized you thought I felt this way about you. I'm going to have to rethink how I come across!

I'm thinking about starting to vlog. So, i am not really sure should I do like live or just to make a video and publish it on dtube ? thank you for your time

it seems fun, I hope to follow your trail to join DLive.
greetings from aceh, indonesia.@teamsteem

hopefully useful, go ahead, I support you

Well, when you put it that way, I WILL go ahead. Don't mind if I do.

I will post my first video on #dlive pretty soon, it's time to give it a try ;)

yay! Do it!!! :)

I've been streaming on @dlive now for months and have been thrilled by not only the product they are putting out but the support for their community.

Huge support for their content creators and they are doing so many things right by engaging and supporting us.

Such an awesome experience so far and just a tip of the ice berg on what Steem as a whole can bring to the world.

Huge fan of Dlive and wave their flag everywhere I go!

Thanks, @teamsteem, for letting us know about @dlive :) I have a friend or two, on Steemit, who are philosophically opposed to using @dsound and @dtube since, apparently, both take 25% of earnings...

Does dlive to video as well, or just live streaming? I was unaware that dtube took 25% of the earnings...

I have heard a lot of good things about dlive. I think I should give it a try.

A true gentleman and one of the biggest assessts this platform has.

Somebody please teach me how to use this Dlive😢

@zizymena - You can find answers to all your questions in our help center.

Thank you so much

hey, i had no idea you were using @dlive -- awesome! :)

Wow this is great to see! I was so inspired by all this amazing content on DLive that I tried it myself today for the first time and I totally agree with all the things you like about the platform :)

Over $400 for the video! Pretty rad! I haven't had a video pay me that much yet. But hopefully one day in the future.

Dlive is really awesome plus Reeeally nice shirt, mind a swap with mine?

You love Love DLive.io I also love Love DLive.io

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Hi @teamsteem ! Thanks for sharing about the benefits and advantages of dlive you have been experiencing.
Regards, @gold84

Thanks for sharing this experience !!

Your photots are safe with us: https://www.steempix.com

Wow....educating enough

Postingan anda sangat bagus menarik

Thanks for introducing us to Dlive. Because of folks like you we learn and we re introduced to other Steemians like yourself that helps to make the platform com alive. Blessings.

Thanks for this kind of information concerning Dlive I really enjoyed this article.

Thank you very much for your information.

I am seeing something at the end of your post.
Hold on, am I the only one seeing that?

I just noticed that you have more than 5 tags. Aaarggh, how did you do that? And what is the implication on your post?

This is the first time I am seeing anything like this.

Awaiting your response.

Dlive allows for more than 5 tags.

Oh, good. I need to learn about this dlive today.

I think that is a witness capability.

What is witness capability? I have bee hearing about 'witness' on #steemit. Please, what does it mean?

You looking nice in dlive shirt :)

Good good, thank you

Thanks for spreading the word, @teamsteem! I'm getting more involved in blockchain as a key strategy of humanity and i really love seeing how you guys are setting the groundwork for massive new steps! Love your platform :)

Nice post. I love you dlive

Wow this is good stuff. I had never heard of Dlive before this. Thanks for the info.

This is steemit :D

Thanks for the review! I have been curious about DLive and hadnt had the opportunity to check it out yet.

I am trying to get the crew at Punk Rock Libertarians @prlpodcast to switch from facebook live to DLive, I am on the show with them on sunday nights, Just got them on the steemit and Dtube, but I think Dlive would be much better for them.

Hey, @teamsteem. I'm really keen on getting involved here as well, but the one thing that's got me a little skittish is the permissions required to sign in. I guess I need to look into SteemConnect more. Am I correct that the active key/master key required is encrypted in the browser, thus preventing anyone from accessing it?

I wish I were a coder and could audit/verify this, but I am not sure how to do that.

Steemconnect was first developed by the busy.org team and now it's being developed in cooperation with the Steemit team too. They only require the active key. The active key and master password are different from one another. Active key doesn't allow to change all the password only the master password/owner key does.

Hey, @teamsteem. Your response is much appreciated.

That makes sense. The active key does allow for transfers and trades on the internal market. Which means if there were some breach then an account’s Steem could be transferred or traded away in one transaction if the malicious party wished to do so.

That’s the only thing that has me a bit reticent about using the new platform. Otherwise I’m pumped.

But I guess even with the active key a third party would have to be logged in. I am not sure I am thinking about this in the correct way, or if I am overlooking something simple here.

Sharing your active key with third parties with Steemconnect don't allow them to transfer your funds. Don't quote me on this. This is my understanding. I would have to verify this to be 100% sure.

Well, I just tested it out by logging in with my active key only, and I was able to transfer funds to another account. If you check your "permissions" tab, it says the same. For me this is not really cool, as much as I want to utilize SteemConnect and DLive.

You being able to transfer funds doesn't mean anyone else can. Just like you transferring funds on Steemit.com doesn't mean Steemit can transfer your funds.

That’s not what I am saying though. Anyone can transfer funds and login to my account if they have my active key. It can be used to login and transfer funds.

But they don't have your active key. Just like Steemit Inc doesn't have your active key either. Your active key never leaves your browser. Only an encrypted version of it leave your browser.

Haven't tried out DLive but will soon do because of your high praise for it. Thanks for sharing @teamsteem!

a great written experience sir. you show me the goodness of using dlive

Nice post

Have you encountered any issues trying to upload videos to dlive? I have a few up on dtube but I was just having so so much trouble with uploads I had to leave it but I only found out the other day that you can upload to dlive - I thought it was just livestreaming - and it looks a little more promising. At the very least videos on it play better on my end as a viewer instead of buffering forever. I'm hoping it is also better on the uploading end too.

Excelente relato, gracias por compartirlo con nosotros la comunidad steemit, mis saludos, @teamsteem.

Thanks a lot @teamsteem i am so proud of you man you are great i hope you are the best steemians in this world keep supprt and upvote please

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I tried drive dlive today for the first time too!I tried it on my phone and it worked great! Very excited to do more here, showing photoshoots and maybe a variety show in the future!

Follow me. Thanks

Thank you @teamsteem for sharing your experience

That's cool, I didn't realize it had grown so popular! So is it like better than facebook live?

Yes @Zizymena
@Dlive is pretty difficult to use
I don't know if a tutorial on how to use dlive should be done on their home page

@jackdogho - Did you check our help center? https://help.dlive.io/en/

I didn't check it when I tried using it but let go and check it now
Thanks for the update

It's the best thing there is

Very good article. Thanks for informing us at the steemit.com community.

Amazing ...

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I also love using DLIVE because it's really easy to use with a Ad free interface and the best thing is that it's based on steem Blockchain 🤓

wow,very good post,i like it steem

There were many good points you made about the DLive! I will probably not livestream, but it is a good opportunity for me if I wanted to start doing daily Vlogs and give my hands a rest c;

You totally should!

Nah you know what?


Yay yay yay. So, my understanding was, i guess because it is called "Dlive" thats it is just for live videos. But you say we can upload pre edited videos as well as being able to go live if we wish?

Yup! That's correct! I didn't know either!

That's dope. I'll try Dlive next time i have a vid to share. Cool :)

very informative post. and you know nice looking shirt. Dlive rocks

I just got Dlive to work on my iPhone, will be live later today! follow and upvote 😎

It looks pretty good especially for adventurous television programs.

@teamsteem always a pleasure to see you live....am sure that Dlive team are glad for the positive vibe you are giving them...keep steeming to more success

thanks for that video I liked a lot

thanks for you

that's so cool to know seems like you are loving the dlive experience like everyone the growth is tremendous wow

dlife is very nice and very useful to me and i am now using dlive.
hopefully I hope your future success always.
thank you @timsteem for sharing stemeet.

thx a lot @teamsteem for valuable helpfull post...i m also work dlive team....but i don't know proper instruction for work dlive....i think naw your post hepp me....again thx

I love seeing these types of publications I think they are totally nutritious. congratulations friend .... continue like this

really really really enjoy it...................

good job brother 💪💪💪

I have been enjoying dlive since I joined steemit barely two months ago. Using it to broadcast at least a 1 hour + long concert at least once a week. Bringing the performances from the stage into an intimate live music with friends has encouraged me to rehearse as a solo, in the last one (with permission) even first collaborations with fellow steemians ocurred. It is now steemian or steemers seems there is a talk

Awesome! I fully share your enthusiasm about DLive.
To me and besides all the technological benefits, it's the coolest community run on the Steem blockchain right now.

I joined 3 weeks ago and try to produce as much video content as I can. It's quite time-consuming but totally worth it - not only for the monetary benefit but also because it's great to engage with the DLive community that is full of cool and creative people.

Let's rock!

You rock Surfermarly! I really enjoy watching your content!

We miss you in steemspeak bud
Nice to see your doing well
Have a great day

It's been quite a while. I've passed there a couple week ago but I'll be back in the next days. I was on a vacation and so I tried to disconnect quite a lot during the last 2 weeks. That was a first for me in years.

Take care Jonny! Oh and I watched the beginning of your last episode ealier today and I really enjoyed it!

Thanks man.
I'm working really hard on this

I would definitely agree to that. Dlive really rocks!

yes dlive help earn more.