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RE: New Campaign Announcement

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This is great @dlive. Its good to see progress being made on this platform especially in a time when many YouTubers are having their live stream capabilities taken from them. DLive can potentially be the perfect tool for people who are having their voice censored by YouTube. Keep up the great development work and you guys have my full support anything I can do to help the community grow. Do you have a Discord server for the DLive community yet?


WE probably agree on many topics, forinstance Anarco Capitalism, but there is one MAJOY topic where we yet do not agree and therefore I am BEGGING YOU to watch the 5 videos I posted under the tag #notaglobe ... the earth is flat and you need to wake up to it, then we can make steemit great:

Yes, indeed Dlive is doing exceptional work, one of the great asset for Steem Blockchain...

i wish you visit my profit as well SIr i am from pakistan thanks

Thanks for your support. Our Discord is

It’s certain that you could help the community johal. It’s so new and an experienced steemian with awareness of how it all works and how to beat reward content that benefits and grows the platform, would be a great help. If you have any time of course, which everyone seems to lack. Alx

yeah this is like music to my ears!!! I really want to get into Dlive as much as i got into @dtube! so I will be testing it out soon!! @thejohalfiles I dont know how to find you on discord chat, i always used steemit chat! I wanted to say thank you for the support!! I just became an ambassador for promo steem and will be taking over london, Matt mentioned you are really supportive of promo steem which is so sweet of you!! I hope we will get to talk on a radio show soon!! :)) Alla x