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RE: Hiking to Snow Creek Falls + I Hit 17k Followers! 😆

in #dlive3 years ago (edited)

cheers girl... this is a long journey for you and really tough also but you stood strong love your stuff and

congrats for 17k followers !!!


when i joined steemit, i felt that this steemit level (ahead of name) is our age so, according to my past theroy you are thrice of my age :D ... bdw keep steemit'ng take care !

@yadav12 Oh, that's so kind of you. Haha, I guess that makes me your grandma or something though 👵😅

haha and you know what impressed me most , you are still quite active at this age and looks adorable :-) :-D

@yadav12 thanks so very much for the congrats!