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RE: Steem Secrets #13 (Delivered By @geeyang): To Succeed With Steemit, You Will Need Your Very Own Conviction About Steemit/Steem's Beauty And It Will Have To Be Solid.

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Steemit is really beautiful when one looks at it with the inner mind and one will see the color when one dedicate his/her to art of steemit. As long I have my mind into it, I am not a percher. I took my stand before joining and still stands by it. I gidigamly landed and still emploring and learning new things and Steemgigs is one of those I discovered and @steemsecrets to always put me in the right track. Got @surpassinggoogle as a motivator and still learning. Thanks for this @geeyang15


Steemit is not just beautiful...... It's Awesome

Steemit is awesome since @surpassinggoogle is here guiding us and helping every steemians to glow and shine in this platform.

Congrats @geeyang15, Just keep it up 😎

Without @surpassinggoogle, i don't know what would have become of us minnows.

Steemit is bae

You are most definitely correct.
Steemit is really beautiful if we dedicate our time to making it beautiful as we would love to see

Steemit is the new sexy.
If its not steemit, it can never be steemit.

totally agreed.. :) stay tuned for more revelations of @steemsecrets..

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