DLive Promoter Payment Report - 09/19/2018

We want to thank each of our delegators for their support of @dlivepromoter. Delegators receive 95% of all bids that are sent to @dlivepromoter in accordance with the amount of delegation they have contributed. The remaining 5% is sent to @dlivecommunity to help support content creators on @dlive.

Today, we've been able to support @dlivecommunity with a payment of 0.129 STEEM while our delegators received the following payments:

DelegatorAmount DelegatedSteem PayoutSBD PayoutAPR

Want to promote your posts?

Send at least 0.1 STEEM or SBD to @dlivepromoter with the post link as the memo and receive an upvote on that post!

Delegate Steem Power to @dlivepromoter for a daily payout!

25 SP, 50 SP, 100 SP, 250 SP, 500 SP, custom amount
We pay 95% of bids back to the delegators each day. The remaining 5% is contributed towards @dlivecommunity to help create a larger community.


@dlivepromoter is a part of the community project @dlivecommunity. We aim to help streamers navigate their way through @dlive and the overall Steem ecosystem. We are not affiliated with @dlive.


Thanks for the mention.

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What do you think of the dlive debacle?

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