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Our Pleasure to Announce:

You can build VR content and publish it free. In as little as a minute you can be collaborating in VR on ideas. A minute later posting your creation to a decentralized ledger.

Check out how easy it is to set up:


Check out how easy it is to Publish.

Just Follow This Link To Begin

Hold Up...

So you want to know what's going on under the hood?

When you follow that link a copy of our VR builder is made just for you. It lives in an environment for code collaboration. Several work flows have been automated, and any conceivable workflow can be automated. The client side computers usually perform actions like photo manipulation, AI processing, and insertion of assets into IPFS. The changes are then passed to the collaborative Glitch server that then rewrites itself. Each of these environments is a git repository, with each environment having a private set of keys. The server uses git to write itself. When you invite your collaborators here you can see each other in VR, talking through webRTC. After a change is made just ask your collaborators to refresh their browser to see the changes.

When you are ready to post you can update the information in an easy to use markdown editor. Your custom json application data stays up to date. Currently @dlux-io scrapes the custom_json of any post that give it a 10% beneficary fee and requests that @rtrade pin's the content for 6 months. The manifest stays in the custom json so you and other can also pin that data in the future.

This VR builder allowed us to scrap 6 pages from our wiki. Which puts about a week of knowledge under a few easy to use buttons.

Our model is dynamic and should be. We are trying to build markets for data pinning so we can make the unlimited potential of these technologies available world wide.

Our ICO is still live. Just send STEEM to @robotolux - More Info
Delegators to @dlux-io also receive dlux. A risk free way to earn tokens while financially supporting us and our collaborators.

We're standing on the shoulders of giants and several of them deserve special recognition. Kevin Ngo, of Aframe/ Supermedium and Don McCurdy of Google; @dan & @ned; @shredz7 around STEEM.

Join us on discord

View in VR @dlux-io


So we just need some apps built with dlux that people can interact with.

I've never heard of GLTF/GLB for 3D file format, I'm more familiar with .dae and .obj... is there a converter available or is it automatic? What program makes the GLTF/GLB natively? I've only ever done 3D modeling as a hobby so I'm no an expert but curious to learn especially if it's some awesome new tech 😎

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GLTF is the rising star of 3D formats. GLB is just the bin version of the JSON GLTF. There are tons of converters, some live in our software... Sketckfab for instance has an autoconverter for all their models.

Ah ok interesting! I haven't used sketchfab, I prefer to use wings3D and blender for any technical cleanup type stuff. Probably old fashioned but it's what my brain is able to work with when it comes to 3d

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Blender is a great choice! 2.8 beta includes glTF export
v2.79 and earlier can use this plugin:
For anything else try this converter:

Ok I will have to check that out, I haven't done any 3d stuff for a few months now 😆

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Que bueno recibir, esta información....
Entonces procederé a seguir las líneas para recibir, el apoyo y los beneficios que es sistema me ofrece.
Vamos a sacarle al máximo, el provecho que, por lo que siento, representa.
Muchas gracias.

the application of dlux is very helpful and very high quality, of course this is a good thing that ever existed

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