dMania & SteeFun Contest Week 4 (watch post on steemit or busy for more info)

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I added a new rule. You have to resteem this post when you enter the contest, if not I will skip you and won't upvote your post either. This way more people will become aware of the contest. Thank you.

This week I added 3 SBD to the prize pool and 4 STEEM to reward two more memes or gifs (2 each) with the ocassion of almost hitting 500 followers. I've used steem comment picker to random draw the winners (the last two are for the 500 followers giveaway) and choosed the first 3 places based on personal taste.

Here is the video to see how I did it : Video ; After I selected them with one top voted and 2 random comments, I've made the top 3 based on the work put in the meme and my personal preference.

With that said here are the winners of last week :

Last week winners are :

500 followers giveaway :

I have sent the prizes to your accounts.


dMania & Steefun Contest

I decided to add SteeFun to the contest and will probably add more fun platforms from the steemblockchain in the future.

I am holding this contest because I saw that many users find it more easy to just copy paste material from different sources like 9gag, reddit. That's not my problem, even if the gif or meme is taken from somewhere else at least it should be good. My problem is that they don't even bother to find good ones. It takes like 5-15 minutes to find a funny or interesting gif there, yet they copy paste what comes in handy and hope for the bot upvote which leads only to greed and nothing else.

Memes,gifs and videos are a form of comedy, if you use the right tools and try to come up with a creative idea. I'm not saying you should design memes and gifs from scratch, even tough you can always do that and it can become viral. I am saying that you should try to edit it somehow to make it as creative as you can to fall under "fair use" law and to make it yours. Use photoshop or different free editing programs that are out there. After you do this put a watermark on it so people will know who it belongs to. Even if other people will use it, because you can't restrict that, at least people will know who it belongs to.


Rules for the Contest

I am allocating 6 SBD from my earnings to this contest. I will increase this or remove this depending on different factors like success of the contest, other donations for the contest, my productivity or adding more similar platforms to reward people.

UPDATE : Just got a donation of 5 SBD from @steemitci which I will add to the prizes. Thank you very much for your support and have fun :)

Prizes :

  • 1st place - 3 + 2.5 = 5.5 SBD

  • 2nd place - 2 + 1.5 = 3.5SBD

  • 3rd place - 1 +1 = 2 SBD

Being also a green supporter on dMania I will also try to upvote in a timely manner the posts that I find funny and interesting. This will give you a very high chance for the bot upvote also, which involves more money than I am offering for now. But this depends on my time and some dMania rules that you probably already know.








Donations and support for this contest

Donations from other people are welcome. All donations will go to the winners and can increase the number of rewarded people. If I see a lot of interest and it will be a lot of work from my side, I will take a procentage from the donations as I will be using a lot of my time to work on this. If anyone thinks that this will be bad, I can only tell you that I value my time and so should you.

Supporters of this contest that have donated till now :

@curtaintwitcher - 5 SBD

@steemitci - 5 SBD

Thank your for supporting this contest and improving the quality of the platform !


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I think I'm one of the toughest Contestant for this contest "i can tell you that"😀



Lol , please submit your entry when you want then. You have to put the link to it, if you posted it on dMania or Steefun. And good luck !

LOL. Bashing youtube shillers is one of my favorite subjects :) Most of them suck at logic, still it seems there are plenty of other people that suck harder :)

I saw a youtube video thumbnail 16 yo kid with Ferrari and he claims he got it through crypto trading profit.. i was damn MF you just took selfie with random car in the street and made up story.. and he got 10k likes for real... Dumb ass youtube viewer too ... 😂

Remember those guy that were buying shit coins with large supplies because that was the trend and recommended to people? :))) I never laughted so hard in my life, I am pretty sure you know them. If not check out some Doug Polk videos (I don't like him either, but at least he is fun), he was making fun of them. The unreal thing was that they had so much support... it is what it is tho.

I knew him.. his introduction of his every video world class tho he ripped of cryptonick&travon jones when bitconnect scam exposed....Lol but the sad was look down the meme.>>>>


@lifeaef entry for your curation. Thank you for supporting original memes :) Waiting for your entry here also if you want to participate. Thanks.

Thank you so much I'll upload one soon and I will help in your curation :D

Thanks a lot for the help :)

hi all,
firstly, thank you very much for the contest @equ1l1br1um and also thanks for the prize. I believe this contest encourages dmanians to make better memes.

My meme for this week here,

you can't do anything against to some power and you have only one choice

:) Lately I am applying the bad tactic, seems I need to return to the problem solving mentality...

No! it's a great tactic, if you ignore problems, 80% will fix itself with some time
but some will get bigger..


True story :)) Happens way to often.

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Very funny meme, but seems it is copied. Please don't put your signature on copy pasted memes. I upvote very funny memes from other sources also, but putting a signature when it doesn't belong to you ruins it :)

I like your contest 👍😁
Can I entry in the contest! 😁

Sure, of course you can, everybody is welcome :) It's not a private group contest :)

Actually I want to follow this contest, but I again no time to follow it. Because of many assignments that I haven't done. 😩
Once again, I like your contest. 😁👍

Great one

I like your contest.I am very excited about something like this @equ1l1br1um

Glad you like it. You can participate if you like. Just make sure you follow the rules. Have fun !

Very funny meme, but seems it is copied. Please don't put your signature on copy pasted memes. I upvote very funny memes from other sources also, but putting a signature when it doesn't belong to you ruins it :)

Loll man 😂😁
No what-whether I promote a post am I here, because I said that I had no time to follow your contest. I make a this gif at work. I am your fans, not possible I skipped the your contest. 😁

You probably looked at the guy on the left, look at the guy on the right in the gif :) I like it, but please use google translate next time for better typing :) And please don't be my fan, let's have fun together, we are doing the same thing. I like how you did the gif. What program did you use ? Because I am searching for an easier way to make gifs because moving signs in photoshop takes to long

Haha yeah I know that, I use the google trasnlate. because I less understand language english. Not anything I remain your fans. 😁

I make a gif of it via smartphone, I'm lazy to use photoshop. As you said earlier, because moving signs in photoshop takes to long. 😁

Here's my entry for this week's contest. It's my first attempt at customizing a GIF, so it's a bit basic, but I hope that you like it! Thanks again for the contests!


Thank you for the contest. This is my "self portrait" of me working on my Memes.. :) This is too fun!

Never, didn't had a chance to reply earlier today :) Just made a post also about the trending page. I think we could come up with classic memes about this subject, because I don't see that solving pretty soon. But what do we care ? We post memes in dMania :)))) The solution for the trending problem is pretty simple in my opinion : The promoted button was put there with a purpose, every sbd/steem that is used with promoted is burned thus the value of steem increases. If somebody, especially marketers want to promote their post in the trending page then they need to pay for that like in other places and the steem/sbd will get burned. But I forgot, they invented voting bots :)))

Hello, Can I join this? Thank you for that. Have a nice day.

Sure, savage meme btw :))

Deep and funny :) , didn't had a change to reply, but upped earlier today. When life sucks I always try to find the solutions to the problems. Sometimes how we see the world is only a choice that we make. It's up to us to make our perspective of the world a positive or a negative one. I could write a lot about this, but I will stop here , sometimes I exagerate with to much philosophy and psichology and don't want to go there :)

That's Great News! I'll shortly post mine . Thinking of some ideas.

Okay here it is . I hope you guys will enjoy it . Also special thanks for the contest .@equ1l1br1um

I'm so glad that there's no law here yet for crypto, no hard feelings :) I know that Canada in US have a capital gains law like you pointed out. Don't know exactly how it works, but I know for sure that it sucks... Government always waiting for it's "protection" tax like a boss...

Exactly ! It is so annoying with such restrictions .

hello to all. I am so happy being in this contest. I am trying to improve my memes day by day. thank you indeed @equ1l1br1um also its so nice to see myself in reward list :)

Happiness under the red cap

You earned it :) Nice entry again, but I think we will get old by the time that happens :)

Hi @equ1l1br1um,

Here's my meme for this contest.


It's here on dmania:

Just resteemed the post as well!

Thanks again for the contest! Here's my entry for this week - hope that you think it's funny ;)



Cool editing, funny but not entirely truth in practice as you know :)

this is an amazing contest. thank you @equ1l1br1um

Steemians EXPECTATION when they start steemit and REALITY after a few months

Good Contest @equ1l1br1um

I like, add text or edit image with photoshop..

Scene from Planet of the Apes :)

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my post for this week:
High Quality Content Creators VS Lazy Members

thanks for the contest @equ1l1br1um
also thanks @steemitci

Thanks for participating also. Like I said sometimes I can't upvote some posts because of time issues, but I am trying to upvote most of the posts that are good. So nothing has happened if I don't upvote, the meme can be good, just that I didn't had time to do it. To everyone else, don't consider that I didn't like your meme just because I didn't have time to upvote it :)

Here is my entry for this week's contest. It's my first attempt. Good Luck for your project @equ1l1br1um

I hope it keeps going up :) Cheers

This is my second entry of the week mate

The conversation is actually real and so is the scammer, he was in the EOS telegram group asking if people wanted Ethereum and I ask him about that. This is what he told me:

final meme chat.jpg

Fun contest, thanks for doing this. This is my link.