8 years into his presidency.

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When you want to Flag them but see their Steem power

Bitly vincentb got yah a yoghurt and fry's

During Trump's administration new hidden technologies will be brought to light one in particular requires one cheap element, silver.

I find "cheap element" great in connection with Trump!

Trump’s Election Saved Us From ‘Orwellian Police State’
Donald Trump’s election victory saved the United States from the establishment of an “Orwellian police state” in the hands of Democrats who would have used the same authoritarian tactics “over and over again” to “circumvent the will of the people in future elections,” according to Denzel Washington.

“If the Democrats had won the election, we never would have found out they were using false documents to get warrants to spy on American citizens and political opponents. We never would have known this. Think about it!” said Denzel Washington at a press conference in New York.

Horrifying, absolutely horrifying lol

Looks like a mountain gonna fart

... with some liquid aftertaste?

good post brother.. congratulations

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His an ballchinian

I hope I can be like you at Steemit one day. I am a new user and sketching politic leaders sometimes. Thank you for post. :)

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