Can't find the difference o

The difference
1st pic: the woman hair got pinned by a red bole
2nd pic: not there

The clock: its 1:30 in the first pic while it says 1:45 in the other pic

The cat is holding maybe a sweet in the second pic and it's not there in the first pic

The bowl though, it has a yellow cookie in the second pic and it's not in the first pic

Good one but there is still more that u can't mention now at all. Out of chances. However read again. My bad.

In case anyone wanna try I've spotted more than 5 differences In the pictures above differences In the pictures above. mIm not gonna release the answers until day 6. Who ever can states the correct answer while already upvoting this post will get some 🎁 sbd.

The cupboard also, the second has a love sign, while the first has a ball sign

More to it than that bro

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