Approved :D
I use so I didn't see the full gif before.
You got 100%

Supporting Original Memes

if you create your own memes mention my name and i’ll upvote the good ones

I don't always flag but If I flag then the meme meets one of these criteria:

  • Asking for upvote or memes about "dmania upvote” or "supporters ..?"
  • Clear copy/plagiarism
  • I don't understand the meme (not in English, abusers' inside joke, or just doesn't make sense)
  • You promoted your post in #wall-of-shame discord channel
  • Top rewarded Dmanics will be watched closely for above + low quality memes

if you think your ORIGINAL meme is good just mention @LifeAEF in your comment

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Lol nice creativity keep them coming 👌

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