Thanks for removing this post.

Try not to post so many things at ounce on steemit. If you want to do a meme dump you can do that. Make one big post with all the memes you like.

dMania is for more original memes. Atleast it is supposed to be.

It's ok to post a few memes here through out the day when you create them yourself.

Site like and make it easy. Just try and be original. Don't copy and paste from there though, create something new.

Take care

Stop spamming #dmania with these crappy copy pasted memes. The past hour you have been clogging up the new feed. I have went a head and flagged all of the posts.

@lifeaef & @zombee take a look at this guy up to no good.

Sorry! I am not much experienced and it was just a trial. Thanks for noticing. But, please stop flagging. I will start posting real content of mine! And remove the copy one's

I won't flag your posts after this one. I only flagged the memes from the last hour as they were all spammed and just copy pasted. My flag don't hurt compared to a big whale watching you do this all the time. So be careful.

No hard feelings. We all need to learn.

Have fun and steem on ✌️

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