@stoodkev, It is really NOT good to mark artists like @gric as spammer for no reason what so ever , a painter posting 100% his great artwork, is tagged as 55% spammer. It is false and it creates angry humans, beside not giving real accurate information. I know dozens of accounts connected to 100% humans, affected by this shit algorhythm dissing.

Where are my 12% human gone ?

Its ridicolous !!!! What did I do, to only be 88% human ????

What did @zyberzerk do to be 50% spammer???

This is not helping anybody, I am mozilla user since day one and I´ll write a detailed review about Steemit plus on Steemit and Mozilla feedback forum, beginning on 1st of Dezember. If you do not answer to this comment, I assume you are more than 50% spammer and bot yourself, lol.

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