Shivom Releases Updated Marketplace, Enabling OMX Token Payment via MetaMask

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Shivom releases ‘Shop 1.5’ which provides consumers with unique incentives and the ability to purchase direct-to-consumer genetic testing products either by OMX token or fiat payment.

London, United Kingdom – May 23, 2019 – Shivom, a biotechnology data and analysis company optimising the way DNA is shared, secured and analysed through blockchain and AI technology, has released its latest consumer marketplace ‘Shop 1.5’ along with additional updates to the user creation and login. This release will enable consumers with the ability to purchase genetic testings products either by OMX payment or fiat. Additionally, the team has made updates separating the login and creation for enterprise and consumer account and to the health and lifestyle questionnaire within the profile section.

The release will be live to the public at 12:00 pm GMT on 23rd May. This is a major milestone for Shivom as it will not only enable consumers to purchase directly within Shivom’s marketplace via either OMX token or fiat payment but also bring mainstream partners to Shivom’s innovative blockchain eco-system.

The first group of partners featured on Shop 1.5 include Vitl, Living DNA and Chronomics, which provide ancestry, vitamin and cholesterol and epigenetic testing, respectively. Consumers purchasing any of these kits or services will need to agree to both Shivom and its partners’ terms of use and privacy policies.

At this time, customers are only able to purchase Chronomics epigenetic test with OMX tokens, whilst Living DNA and Vitl’s kits can be purchased with fiat via our partner’s checkout page. This allows users who don’t have tokens to be able to obtain their genetic data file and reports without having to buy tokens from an exchange. Customers who purchase with OMX tokens will receive an automatic email providing a voucher code. This can then be redeemed on Chronomics website for one month’s subscription of EpiPlanner and a test kit. Please be aware, a minimum subscription of 12 months is required.

All of our D2C partners have undergone a thorough screening from our research and development (R&D) team prior to being granted promotional status within the marketplace. Shivom implements quality control procedures for its marketplace items and criteria which covers a variety of considerations to include data privacy, security and scientific quality (e.g., is a report evidence-based). When products or services are not supported by adequate clinical evidence, Shivom’s R&D team may request further evidence to support the potential partner’s case. Here is the link to our blog which provides an in-depth explanation of the reasoning we have for listing Vitl, Living DNA and Chronomics on our marketplace.
To mark this major milestone, for a limited time only Shivom is offering several exciting promotions. Customers who purchase either LivingDNA or Vitl kits and upload their data on Shivom’s platform will earn OMX tokens and also be eligible to receive special discounts or rewards on select products or services offered by Shivom and its partners (to be separately announced).

Additionally, for a limited time, only customers are also able to purchase Chronomics EpiPlanner Test Kit + 1 Month Subscription for only 1,000 OMX! That’s right, you read that correctly; for ~ $1 USD you can get your hands on this kit. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!

“Today’s Shop 1.5 release stems from the collective hard work, focus and diligent efforts of our tech, science and business teams over the past 12 months. This release provides our early supporters with the ability to earn rewards for participating in our blockchain-based ecosystem and utilize either OMX tokens or fiat to procure top of the line kits from our curated product offerings. Once on our platform, consumers will not only have control over their data and be able to gain considerable health and wellness insights but also have the ability to participate in clinical research and even monetize on personal data if desired. We’re proud of early progress and also look forward to our upcoming MVP release, which will mark another significant milestone and showcase the first cut of our enterprise solution offerings and clinical functionalities.” said Henry Ines, CEO of Shivom.

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Our mission is to bring exponential value to our end-users within the genomics industry. We believe that the unique combination of our in-depth knowledge for genomics, mixed with deep-rooted backgrounds in cryptography and AI is essential in the democratisation of genomics and healthcare data.

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