Adventure, talent and artistic painting

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Hello friends :)
Within my daily adventures that I usually do in my city I look for that differential that makes the creative and inspiring minds relive again.

I have ventured to show the beauty of manual art on the walls and walls where the street artist lets his imagination fly and create, perhaps, a message of motivation in drawing, perhaps the reality of his experiences or just by expressing his talent through the d ibule and the painting.

Photographs taken with Casio Camera


Here is reflected the work of the artists who enter my opinion I feel that gives more life to the city, rejuvenates the streets and empowers artists as the observer. It is also the artist's form of expression to paint inside his canvas or expand his options to the city

The names of the graffiti I have put them to my consideration since as a dog I have very difficult to find their authors and mention them ;)

  • Sireulpo - Mermaid and Octopus

  • Electrobird - Bird with a lot of energy

  • Mapaz - More Peace and Love

Discover what your talent is and get the best out of yourself to make you an artist with what you have inside :)


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