Mine DOGE with no mining equipment or experience. (DOGE GIVEAWAY INSIDE)

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It's easy. All you have to do is go to DogeMiner


Tried and tested personally.


I just received my first deposit with no hassle.


I'm a very skeptical person when it comes to this sort of thing, however, I'm also impatient so I sent 2,300 DOGE to buy 3 miners and see the results for myself.


So far, everything seems to be working as expected. Although, the fee was slightly higher than I anticipated. Now that I know it works, next time I'll just wait and withdraw more than 50 DOGE at once.

As long as everything keeps working like it has so far, I will continue to buy more miners. If all goes as expected, this could be an unlimited source of income!

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I'm about to deposit a few thousand more DOGE into my DogeMiner account so that when I wake up I will have a good amount to withdraw.

UPDATE: I just made my second withdrawal, went smoothly.

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here is my DOGE address :

Can we see a block explorer link or a screenshot of your doge wallet? This website looks exactly like the fake cloud miners they made for Ethereum and Litecoin a few months ago that turned out to be nothing but a scam

I uploaded a screenshot of the incoming DOGE deposit in my Bittrex account. https://dogechain.info/tx/d78f558c87e0b21bbf1ac6038e1a73d8dff14c8139524168befdc3816c471f70 but is this what you're looking for?

Yes thanks I'll review it shortly
I signed up with your link also here is my DOGE address - DNTJg1i8CVbUqTpHGAH2hFpjxpLzApgz8P

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Cool i've upvoted and resteemed the post

Here is my doge address,
Thank you in advance!

Thank you so much. I received the doges. Thank you thank you @crystalhuman!

Signed up, upvoted and reesteem!
My doge address: DG6mEKVoJW666KFvyvc3YJZNoWZa5hqbP1

My DOGE COIN address :

I'm sorry but only one entry per person, no cheating the system! :P Naughty naughty

If you're going to do this type of thing in the future, I'd suggest using a different wallet :D

just trying to get more

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