DogeCoin Faucet - Free Crypto For Small Steemit Tasks

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Here is how it works ....

I will pay you in Dogecoin for every task you complete that is listed in this topic. Small rewards for small task type of deal. Proof of payments can be seen in last weeks thread that can be found by clicking here. Tasks change week to week.

Task 1 :

Resteem and / or Upvote any of my post or articles

Reward : 1 Dogecoin per action


  • Resteems and up-votes before this post creation don't count
  • Min. Payout is 5 Dogecoin
  • Max Payout is 14 Dogecoin
  • Post your doge address after you completed the task(s)
  • One transaction per entry ( This is to cut back on transfer fees )
  • Offer Valid until I type Closed In Comment Section
  • Upvotes on post older then 6 days don't count
  • Resteems on post older then 6 days don't count
  • New and Past entries are always welcome to take part

Some past participants

@piccola.valeria / @sharpshot / @alan369 / @psi.acastillo / @dizzyapple / @joel0101 / @vinayakgupta / @moneyminded / @jmehta / @tonymullins / @solcross / @donna-metcalfe / @electronicsworld / @thaishps / @midesignature / @ranatalha / @andre25 / @loraine / @dizzyapple / @chomba/ @mylane / @manup / @luzeroc4 / @hermannsol / @steallion

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Contest has ended !

you received an up vote from danlupi with voting power of 100.00%. Estimated dollar amount of $2.47

Hi. %10 upvoted. if you send 0.05 sbd %100 vote and resteem (2760 Followers) Manuel upvote.

OK, did 10xUpvotes...
& this is my DOGE address:

Thanks! :)

Confirmations 312
TXID 7ab31a6ba828f66bfcf548725634331c1f2db8ba2bc7e2ea5403e8f5ee262649

Your Welcome !

Hi...DONE!!! 10 upvotes :)...can you check??
My address…..DCCQQjxZHwcaW84kRVdHjN11dgTzLkwFar

You got a 89.49% upvote from @blogbooster courtesy of @rentmoney!
Multiple upvotes will follow shortly by our curation trail!


I only work for Scooby Snacks ;) ha ha Nice giveaway @rentmoney!

14 tasks done

address- DHHR7HxsKQGqAv7K153WVXkf9cetXCbV6H

Hi, did 5x up, 5x reblog
My address: DRyAWwHjrn4c6EaLX1Gf8parf8ARw4WexG

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Also completed the task on your posts: A12Bs3r6gkAVyPPGnFDZpKKbRQKZ6vz3CR

Perfect . Doge Sent ...

@rentmoney maybe something will change