Human, given that The Cat in a Tub is a Cat, I believe that this would be considered specieism (if that is a word) rather than racism.

Tub Cat finds your post most entertaining and would give you a nice upvote if his voting power wasn’t so over utilised.

The Cat in a Tub found your post so entertaining that he made a post about it:

I dont see a problem? Its someones opinion, thats all.
Not allowing them to share it would be censorship

Well,have you read the other posts of this account? They are wrote from the cats point of view. So they hate dogs and see humans as their servants.

Nothing to be worried. They are not serious :)

Tub Cat is very serious about his dislike of dogs. Disgusting creatures. All of them.

Go fetch the Cat in a Tub a nice mince pie now, most foul smelling human.

Oh, such a cute kitty! 😍

More like Dogsism.. But seriously there is nothing wrong about that.

I prefer dogs over cats because they always use their claws randomly and tangling your legs without you knowing they are there.

Cats are the devil. 😂😂

Cats are more similar to gods rather than devils, you disgustingly bad smelling human. Now go play with your brainless fur bags.

I once saw a cartoon in which mice insisted that the devil was a cat due to the pointy ears and long tail, but such propaganda is beneath your concern I'm sure.

Come back qnd say that when the kitty chews your toe off when you pass out drunk.. 😂

Unfortunately, Steem is a place without censorship and this means that some horrible people can come here. My guess is that they are pretending to be a cat and don’t really hate dogs.

Tub Cat is indeed a Cat. Well done, human.

The cats have finally revealed themselves and their ultimate plan. @tubcat, your a bad kitty.

Tub Cat has never hidden his plan, human. Now go buy the Well Washed Cat a Christmas gift.