Dolls are the favorite things of kids

in #doll4 years ago

Children love to play with dolls.Dolls are the most favorite game of children in the game.
Children do not want to get out of the house if they get the doll.They are very happy when they give gifts to dolls to children.


Waw very nice post.and i like doll very much.

The doll is very nice to see.

Very nice doll. You really say the little girl loves dolls.

Do you think girls only play dolls? The boys play dolls.

do you want to crooks the doll.

everyone likes doll . baby's favourite doll.

i like doll. doll is very nice. my favourite doll

Yes,i still remember to play with dolls in that little time.

Waw very nice post and I like doll verg much.

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