[ALERT] Prepare Now " Something big is coming ".

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What is going on in the world right now has never happened in the history of world I mean we knew all that our leaders are screwed up. The crash is bigger than we thought . In March of 2020 was the biggest crash in the world history of the stock market but nobody knows anything about it because everybody is quarantined at home thinking about coronavirus social distancing wearing face masks.


People on missing out on one of the biggest catastrophic cash heists in the history of the world they don't even know what's happening now. The good news is this is the best time if you are ready for it I'm gonna make a fortune.

I want ask you guys sitting at home you know licking your wounds and wondering where you can go back to work and they can get you a latte ting cappuccino and pizza.

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Just know you might be missing one of the biggest opportunities in the history of the world because our governments are really screwed up. There's something fishy about this corona thing. Why did they have to shut down the whole damn world and I think it's because they are covering up something very very big now.

If you are feeling bad after reading this, then this is your blog and if you are worried about what's gonna happen then this is your blog.

So just read this

Essentially what I think had happened over the last 10 years and what I gonna think had to be happen over the next few years is that the world you know after the financial crises the central bank just got together and just printed and printed all this liquidity.

The US is going to be primary recipient of subbing in all that milkshake,


all the liquidity and all money other countries printing that's gonna flow to US.

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My point is that whether you like it or not the biggest demand for currency is our there is the demand of dollar and despite the fact that they are printing a lot of it in the demand for your supply.

So your thing is dollar is get gonna more stronger and gonna lift US economy and all the tangible assets there. But what is the demise that I think the monetary system is busy not designed for dollar to get stronger and as it does so it's just gonna wreck the global economy.

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I mean I think the rest of the world is going to just go through really really really you know difficult time and ultimately that not good for the US either so as the dollar continues to get stronger despite the feds efforts to you know being it lower.

I think eventually the world will have to come together in another Bretton Woods type conference or another record type conference and I think they will have either write debts down or introduce a new currency or reset the stern in some form or another.
So with the corona virus we don't know what is common with that and how it impacts world.

So if they print all these dollars in to the currency then money is going to flow again a lot money so that's a recipe for inflation but first you get deflation you print all the money and then when the money starts to move you get high levels of inflation because there's so much liquidity now.

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So I think we have deflation you know for the next year.

I think Euro is probably gonna go away or it's not gonna continue to exists in the current form. I think on a price basis that goes to atleast 80 it's at 108 now so I probably goes down 25 or 30 percent from here I think the end is gonna go to at least 150 maybe maybe to the dollars go back to its all time high.

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I understand owing gold everybody should own the gold but if your don't want to put a hundred percent on it out whatever you have in dikhata or dollar asset because the dollars just gonna crash.

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