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in #donald3 months ago

I'm just going to skip the kickstarter and post this here. I'll build a church and put Donald Trump's name on it. It's just going to be a church. Yup. A church. I need 2 million dollars. The land alone is 650,000$ so with 1 million dollars we can get started. I got a great spot picked out on a hill. If I can get 50 donations of 40,000$ that would be enough. If you give 40,000$ I'll make you an automatic member of the council of 50 for the new Christian fellowship of the Donald J. Trump Church of Christ. I will build the church if I get the 2 million dollars. If you want me to name it after you instead, I will. It can be the Jeff Berwick Church of Christ. I just want the attention that he gets and then maybe I'll get the money. Praise God He saved me again.


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