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RE: Donation Competition - Win The Lap Top And Donate It... (Prize 20 SBD + Donation) 10 Days - Day #1

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An admirable initiative! I will make a donation of 10 SBD (currently equivalent to 71 usd) in your account. I hope you can help! Does that mean the income of some people for a few months? Lord! I can not believe how much inequity exists in the world. If you keep this initiative, I will make other donations. Keep up the good work!

Well, how about the amount of money (in usd), do you need to buy a laptop? Or transfer this money to the winner's account and will he buy his laptop at the price of the country? My question: Can I copy this initiative, and organize a donation contest in my turn, or do you think this proposal is indecency?


Thanks a lot for your kind support. I transfer money to the winner accounte. The tag for the competition belongs to me, and everyone can do their donations and posts. I love when people are original, and it is important that we focus on launching more initiatives.

I understand. Thank you for answer!