Thanks giving!!!!!!!What i did after the campaign??

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It was February 5 2018.for the first time in the journey of steemit. I had done a donation campaign. many steemians have participated in that campaign. I want to say special thanks to them who have helped me for that campaign. I am very glad to meet the people like you in this community. I highly appreciate your help for this.

after the post was made, I was quite busy with my own personal work. I had my tour to Kaligandaki hydropower project. this tour was a part of my educational journey.then after my brother took my laptop and went to Pakistan for a week. after that, i was busy with my reports, assignment, assessment, in the college.I am so sorry for the delay. a few days ago I went to meet her and gave the money to her mother. these days also I am having my exams.i am so sorry for being this late. hope you people will forgive me.

you can find my previous post where I had made a donation campaign. where many people have helped me.
there were 65 people who upvoted my previous post. I sold my total 7sbd to @nilesh.katuwal. thank you @nilesh.katuwalfor purchasing my sbd. I sold 7 sbd for NRS 2665 which is equivalent 26.65$. then after, I added rs 300 and made it 2965 and gave it to her.

@bikkichhantyal thank you so much for contributing 4.063 SBD. thank you so much, bro.
some of the other people who helped me to raise some funds are
and other people who helped me a lot, I wish I could tag you too. but I can see only these names. thank you so much @surpassinggoogle @eturnerx @artaddict. @artaddict and @eturnerx for guiding me to make a post. for helping me before making the post too. there were some people who muted me in discord when I asked them to see my post. I am so sorry for those people for asking for the help too. thank you so much for your help.
I have 2 photos taken when I gave the amount to her mother they are as follows.

And this is the photo of the girl who is suffered form the kidney problem.29133821_2009933262654986_8766274202438205440_n.jpg
She was 44kg and now she is 31kg. she was discharged from the hospital and she is taken to India for further treatment. Her brother mother and fatter went with her for her further treatment. I wish her fast recovery. 28722352_1715235801869280_587836244_n.png
this is the amount @nilesh.katuwal transferred to sold sbd.
Thank you everyone for your love . I am motivated and encouraged to do some more works.


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Is the campaign over?

Yeah the campaign is over. thank you so much for showing interest

great job man

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