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RE: For those who are still here - What do you think of Downvotes?

They serve a vital function in our ecosystem when used properly but can cause harm when misused.

Personally, feel that when used appropriately that there should be a mechanism to reward. That's the gap we tried to fill at SFR.


ATTENTION @steemflagrewards...
When used "properly"... You Scumbags started out with Good Intentions, then turned into the ABUSERS, using your Up and Down Votes, to Stomp all over People from Around the World... What did you really gain, but turning into the ABUSERS...??? SCUM-BAG... DON'T GO BRINGING YOUR ABUSE OVER TO THE HIVE...
March 28, 2020... 12.1 Hollywood Time...

What kind crack are you smoking? We did none of that.

Definitely something that would have worked if more people supported it, I'm sad to see it wasn't but we'll have another chance now :D

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