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RE: For those who are still here - What do you think of Downvotes?

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There is a case to be made for flags and that is plagiarism.
However the ability to flag was terribly abused, especially by some of the ninja miners. I know of at least two who hold many accounts which they use daily for self voting which was one of the stated legitimate reasons given for flagging.

Anyone who has expressed an opinion that is not in line with official narratives have been flagged here. It is a disgrace and I expect that hive will experience a decline in individual users (not the number of active accounts) the same as been happening here for years.

If we want Steem to grow its user base, forget complaining about posts that dont have images or other complaints about low effort posts. Focus on engagement. I am not interested in high quality posts with two images, I want to connect with people and have meaningful conversations, laugh, joke and have fun, have my understanding challenged, argue and grow as a person. This narrow perspective that the old guard was enforcing was counterproductive as can be verified by the declining number of individual users over the last three years.

The EIP needs to be binned. Its was just another way for the ninja miners to receive a bigger slice of the reward pool.


Sure, go back to the pre-EIP system and see what follows. You'll have bid bots back. I'm migrating my stake to Hive. After about 2.5 months I won't care what happens on Steem. If it's profitable, I might take part in the ol' bidbottery myself!

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