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RE: For those who are still here - What do you think of Downvotes?

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The negative votes are a good option to stop the abuses only if they are in the hands of conscientious and well-behaved people, like you who have always been an advocate of quality and originality, dear Eric. But in general I have never supported them simply because if I don't like a content, I simply don't read it or vote for it, for me it doesn't exist.
I think that those who had the intention of creating a brake on the abuses, didn't think about the abusers who would use them precisely to commit revenge type abuses, I experienced this once I commented on a post by you and another one by @acydio and all the comments were attacked by abusers of the downvote who perhaps had a personal and unjustified war against them. It's complex this thing about downvotes, for these reasons I exposed before, I don't support them, there should be another way of punishing those who sin because, those of us who are not guilty and are honest, many times we pay without having the slightest fault, I live it in every post in which I have received downvotes without a reason, from ghost accounts that only do it to mutilate the reward of someone who dedicates himself to this honestly creating original content.
I'm glad to read you, you always leave something productive. My twiiter user is: @MARYBELLRG. I'll be glad and pleased to follow you. A hug and my love to you, @anomadsoul.