@donekim Continues His Retaliatory Downvoting Campaign

The downvotes are very small so I'm not asking for counter-upvotes. But take note of this person's behavior. Not very constructive.

Just in case he reads this, I'll explain briefly why I downvoted one of his posts in Trending along with @smooth and a few other high-ranking Steemians because it looked as if it were boosted with bid bots. Posts boosted with bid bots will be downvoted to ensure the return on investment in paying for a vote must be negative. Why? Because positive ROI when votes are bought is the death of Proof-of-Brain, which is why the content reward pool exists in the first place.

Korean translation of the above paragraph by Google Translate:

그가 이것을 읽는 경우를 대비하여, 내가 Trends에서 그의 게시물 중 하나를 @ smooth와 함께 다른 상위 순위 Steemians와 함께 입찰 봇으로 부스트 된 것처럼 보이게 하향 투표 한 이유를 간단히 설명하겠습니다. 입찰 봇으로 강화 된 게시물은 투표 비용 지불에 대한 투자 수익이 마이너스가되도록하기 위해 하향 투표됩니다. 왜? 투표권을 구매할 때 긍정적 인 ROI가 뇌물 수수의 사망이기 때문에 콘텐츠 보상 풀이 먼저 존재합니다.

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