GIVEAWAY MiniQuiz: Win Steem, SBI and Steemmonsters Cards + Steem Bounty

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GIVEAWAY MiniQuiz: Win Steem, SBI and Steemmonsters Cards + Steem Bounty

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my giveaway post.



I rarely do giveaways and this one was influence by @leeuw, my very good friend. @leeuw had promised to sponsor a maximum of ten (10) quizzes with 1.5SBD each (1SBD for author and 0.5SBD for reward pool) but he ended up extending his support to twelve (12) quizzes.

Check the announcement post here

Furthermore, everyone can participate in these quizzes. You stand a chance of winning 6SBD (12x0.5) if you have to win all the quizzes hahaha. Now, converting it to Steem gives about 16 Steem wooow! this is insane! hahaha. Check out all the twelve (12) entries in this post.

To the Giveaway

For this giveaway, maybe work out the mathematics below and vote on your answer or just any answer of (G - L) at dpoll.

G = H ÷ 2

J = K ÷ 5

K = 10L

H = J + 120

G - L = ?


The correct is among those provided. So, if you have an answer that is not stated below, you are definitely WRONG!

About dpoll

Founded by @emrebeyler dPoll is a decentralized application on the Steem blockchain where one can give an opinion on a subject matter by voting on a poll and/or get opinions on a subject matter by creating a poll. To get started, visit

To learn more about this project, check out its introductory post

How to Enter

  1. Head over to dpoll by clicking on the link at the end of this post. You may need to login on steemconnect.

  2. Simply vote on your answer and it will appear as a comment on this post.


Your vote should be on the poll, that is all!. Upvotes, resteem and follow are not require to enter this giveaway. Also, prove of your answer is NOT necessary.

Winners Selection and Rewards

  1. The first to vote on the correct/accepted answer will be the winner and he/she will receive 0.5Steem and 1SBI share.

  2. The second and third persons to vote on the correct answer/accepted will each receive 1SBI shares.

  3. The fourth and fifth persons to vote on the correct answer/accepted will each receive 1 rare Steemmonster card. You will need register at steem monster website to collect this reward. Register here if you have not done so yet.

  4. Everyone that participates in this giveaway will benefit from 1.5 Steem bounty placed on this post.

  5. The winners will be announced and rewards will also be distributed once this post payouts in 7 days.



By SBI, I mean Steem Basic Income with account name @steembasicincome and if you do not know about it, check out the complete overview here

Steem Bounty

Steem Bounty is a platform built on top of the Steem Blockchain that rewards the community members with additional rewards, besides what Steem has to offer by default. Check out their user guide

Steem Monster

Developed by @yabapmatt and co, Steem Monsters is a collectible card game where cards ownership and game results are all published and verifiable on the Steem blockchain. Moreover, these cards can be traded for Steem through the Steem monster market available here

So, that is it!. It is win win for every participant.

Good luck everyone

written by @akomoajong with love for Steem and support from @shortcut @bleepcoin @leeuw @jennimorillo @neoxian

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@akomoajong 29/11/2018

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Answer the question at

Poll link:

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Happy Rewards Hunting!


Voted for 12.

Great! Thanks for entry.

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oh yeah! this is a great initiative, encouraging to engage and be rewarded, as pioneers, steemians that we are. thanks @akomoajong! definitively many should participate, QUICK EVERYONE time is of the essence here! before others pick the prizes haha and thanks for the mention of my miniQuizzes! UPDATE of course i know the answer definitly REALLY TRUE! but let me say i wont participate because i dont want to pick someone else's prize hahaha UPDATE: NOT just kidding hahahaha SERIOUS UPDATE: the rare steemmonster card is quite a prize, it can grow in value! I would like to have one!

Oh! @leeuw thanks for great comment and thanks for contributing to the idea of this post.

Knowing the answer feels good but I just hope it is actually the correct answer hahaha . . .

Yeah, the SM card just like the SBI votes can grow in value. I would to love to testify holding some cards and also see an SBI share be worth say $0.1 hahaha

Have a nice day!

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Voted for 60.

Thanks for your entry.

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Hello my friend how are you? see my name in your post makes me very happy the day.

@leeuw and his crazy things also make me so happy that my mood has changed a lot hahahahaha

@akomoajong and @leeuw are two great friends whom I appreciate a lot

Ahh! That you, good to have fun once in a while.

PS. There is fun in sharing lol

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Voted for 60.

It was an easy simultaneous equations problem. I solved it. I got the answer 60.

Lets hope it's actually the correct/accepted answer. Well, we will know in 7 days lol

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Voted for 60.

Good luck!

Posted using Partiko Android

Voted for 60.

I voted for 600 :D
I really want to know the final answer... That was a lot of conversions and cancelling out .
I took a screenshot of my working out, will post it here when the answers come out :D

Followed, Upvoted and Resteemed...

Alright, hope you are right. Well, we will know when the results are out.

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Voted for 60.

Good luck!

Posted using Partiko Android

Voted for 60.

Ahh! Jenni, good luck!

Posted using Partiko Android

Voted for 600.

Had to do a lot of conversions...
At the end I cancelled out the remaining 10L's...

10L - 10L equals 600... what is the final answer, i would really like to know?

The competition is still on. You will get the final answer from me upon the post payout when I publish the results. Thank you for participating.

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Voted for 60.

All my working all ends to 60

Hahaha I wish I can just reveal the answer but NOT yet. I wish you good luck.

Voted for 60.

no thoughts

Well, I hope you're right. I appreciate your participation.

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Voted for 60.

Thanks and Good luck!

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I voted!!!

Thank you!

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Man I was a bit late. I am 6th person for the right answer!!!!

The right answer is on me to reveal lol

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It's 60

Well, I hope you are right!

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