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RE: As a top steem witness, will you support a hardfork implementing the “Economic Improvement Proposal” or “EIP.”

in #dpoll2 years ago (edited)

(See my more recent edit below)

I'm a soft "yes" on these changes (opinion only, since I am not a witness). I'm not enthusiastic, since I do not think they will solve the problems they identify and/or are not necessarily the best ways to address those problems. I'd rather experiment through many SMTs rather than guess on which tweaks will work for our one big petri dish; that one-size-fits-all approach has not worked too well. But on balance, they will make Steem slightly better.

EDIT: After further consideration, I have turned against this set of proposals. They do not make Steem better; they hurt it and should be rejected.


Not a witness either but I'm inclined to agree with most of your viewpoint on the subject.