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RE: As a top steem witness, will you support a hardfork implementing the “Economic Improvement Proposal” or “EIP.”

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  • YES

@crimsonclad and I have spoken about this in great length,among ourselves and with other's.

I believe @crimsonclad will make statement here and explain in more detail our thinking.


As posted in a few discussions:

I find it difficult to answer with a "yes or no" on this. To me, the fact that we've moved away from the discussion of SPS, and especially, looking at inflation, is a bit bothersome. This is the projected HF we have in front of it, and I would love to see it roll out with with funding that amounts to more than a "maybe" promise from Steemit Inc to put a tiny bit in the kitty to start.

FBN and I have talked about this at length, and I think in general we both agree with most of the things in the EIP package but they will also require some further considerations from both front ends and users to go along with base code or they won't mean much. While I don't finally speak for him, I myself just am not sure that all of them together, crammed in all at once, and attached to this upcoming HF is the way I want to approach it. We've been beating around the bush on this shit for years now, and we've got something the entire community (conceivably) wants and needs on deck with the SPS that still needs some attention to launch at it's most effective given the circumstances. I don't want to see the EIP suddenly suggested as a magic bullet HF that overshadows the fact that if we put the SPS in place we still haven't actually come together in a way that says "we as leadership have at least talked through the best possible ways to fund this so it will live and actually do the thing."

Long winded message out of the way, I think downvotes are the most important part of the package, so I am leaning towards a tentative yes, though I am not fully convinced that all at once and all right now is the right way to go. I think the curve and the 50:50 will not have as much impact as we hope, but I also hope to be proven dead wrong about that. I would not block this for spite. It's still trying to fix things, and as such being limited to a yes or no here doesn't really convey our opinions well.

We need a glossary of acronyms and steem specific lingo, within a framework of general terminology regarding blockchain and crypto.. Just a side note.

Also good to see you poke your head out @crimsonclad