What do you think is the most effective way of promoting Steemit around your locality?

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What do you think is the most effective way of promoting Steemit around your locality?

Hello Dpollers!

I've been active in Steemit community for quite sometime now; more than a year now, and I've been thinking of ways of how to promote our Steemit platform to the people around my locality. In the past, I've seen a lot of initiative from other Steemians on how they are trying to promote Steemit and to be honest I don't have a clue whether they were successful or they weren't so effective in achieving their goal.

In my honest opinion, whether the initiative is successful or not, I think that the effort could still bring awareness to the masses about Steem as a cryptocurrency / Steemit as a social media platform.

I believe Steem & Steemit together with the other interfaces or Dapps, is already going through a transition. A shift that I think has a positive impact to the current state of Steem and its future. I also think that it's about time to start promoting Steem / Steemit to the masses.

In my own personal effort, I'm thinking to do either one of the following ideas that I have. Maybe you can help me shed some light or deeper understanding on it. I would also appreciate if you could share your idea if you think it isn't covered by my list.

Thank you in advance for your feedback. Cheers!

  • Steemit merchandise giveaway

  • Charity works to raise awareness about Steem / Steemit

  • Symposium about Steemit

  • Neighborhood campaign

  • Local projects (e.g. mini park or community garden)

  • Others (please specify)

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Voted for Steemit merchandise giveaway.

Voted for Others (please specify).

Better make it globaly, make it worth to read and write Steemit and other apps

Voted for Others (please specify).


I’m currently giving my friends Steem Monsters which i collect as winnings on Seasonal Leagues since i have a Sick Battle Collection. Giving Steemit merchandise giveaways works - Glad its top of your list.

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Interesting question I at the moment promote by word of mouth with friends and family but I would be interested to see the results of this poll

I introduced a few locals to the Steemit platform by merely mentioning it to them while discussing how to make money. I think my friends were hard pressed for cash at the time though and weren't genuinely interested in writing, so they didn't participate.

I have been a member here for well over a year, also although not always active. I still have a passion for writing and sharing ideas, too. I decided after a six-month hiatus from Steemit to come back because some of my favorite online personalities are fixtures on the platform.

I also find that participating in the Steemit community helps me to improve my writing skills and to network with others who have similar values, interests and pastimes.

In conclusion, I think if community members were to address the benefits of being an active member to those who have yet to join the platform, new people would be more inclined to join. Another thing I've noticed is to engage with others in a discussion on social media platforms instead of ignoring comments. Unless someone is intentionally harassing you then there is no need to post and ignore the users who honestly read your material. I find those who decide not to engage in dialogue limit their audience and usually after a couple of times being ignored users aren't inclined to continue following or reading material from those authors.

I recommend you not to do anything because the steem price is falling down to the ground.

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Voted for Steemit merchandise giveaway.

Voted for Steemit merchandise giveaway.

Voted for Charity works to raise awareness about Steem / Steemit.

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Voted for Local projects (e.g. mini park or community garden).

Voted for Steemit merchandise giveaway.