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RE: If the only way you were allowed to eat meat was to kill the animal yourself, would you?

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  • Yes, I would

I eat meat on a regular basis, so I guess that means I'd have to go killing my own, though that would probably mean my eating habits would change somewhat simply because there's only so much you can raise/hunt at any given time, and then preserve. Frozen meat doesn't last forever, so anyway, I'd probably eat meat less in a week, but not get rid of it entirely.


I eat meat on a regular basis

Evidence can be found on Grandpa Gotta Cook/Eat posts. See here (all that steak is just for him, honest) 😃

Frozen meat doesn't last forever

Tell that to everyone that has 5 year old meat lost in the back of their freezers. 😂 New stuff straight in the front, push the old stuff back.

You clowns freeze meat?!?

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I don't but I know a lot of people who do. Probably most people I know.

Hey, @pjau.

I could only hope to get away with eating that much steak. :) Actually, I probably would have relished it twenty years ago. Now, not so much. It's sad, but I'm finally giving into the fact that I should tone down on the food consumption. :)

re: new stuff in front

I think we're pretty much guilty of that, regardless of what the frozen food is. We're don't discriminate when it comes to five year old freezer food. :)

I'm finally giving into the fact that I should tone down on the food consumption

Booooooooo 😁