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RE: If the only way you were allowed to eat meat was to kill the animal yourself, would you?

in #dpoll2 years ago

Killing cute animals is really hard. It would take a lot of conditioning for me to do it, but I know I would if I had not choice.

Just don't give it a name. 😁

Hey do Sumo wrestlers have a vegetarian diet? I think they do.

Never even thought about that, I just thought they ate a lot of crap to be honest. 😱

Some humans seem to believe they "need" meat.

Definitely do not need it in this day and age. I think people just want it so much they think they need it.

meat industry in the USA is highly suspicious

All industries are, when money is involved. 💩

Oh no, I'm not sure what would happen to my Steem if an animal ate me.

You need a will and testament. 😉