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I do apologize for the late post on dradio updates so I'll just get to the main points. Dradio has hired a new graphic designer, by name @yhaulez and he's an exceptional member of the steemjet spaceforce and very welcomed to help with the development of dradio. For the while, we've been working on the basis for the project which is basically the back end of which I have a fellow back end developer to assis with these. Eventually, we're all one key piece in putting the project together.


For the graphics, we'll be required to produce a standard logo as a derivative from the image above and a catalogue for the welcome page on the dradio platform and various gifs and animations for the front end development. A full list will be updated as time progress cause frankly, we're yet to come up with labels as we would love. So a provision for label designs will be required as well.

Brief explanation on label...

So frankly, a label stands as a brand of a selected audio/radio channel which will eventually be listed under live audio streaming dialogue. Provisions for labels will first be made for the first initial 15 audio servers/stations by our graphic designer who basically we'll get seperate designs for each 15 labels. So far, we've been able to come up with a work list for graphics which are....

• derived dradio logo

• welcome page catalogue

• gifs and animations (button clicks such as comments and upvotes and motion gifs across the web-app

• label designs (15) for audio live streaming (in form of cards 16~9 inch size

This will be a kick off into the graphics and with time, other necessities will be added as well. If you did miss the introduction of dradio, you can as well browse this article to the end as I rephrase.


Dradio is a decentralized online radio > platform for hosting on-air shows and promoting music brands and contributions to the project alike through aided articles imprinted from the blockchain by dradio.

Recently, statz has shown the sudden amount of post or articles on the steem blockchain in a whole, drop to about 35% from 100% from two months ago till now and why is that? Reasoning and pondering upon ideas and to-do list are quite stressful nowadays because we can barely remember to brush our teeth or scrub our hair somedays on a stressful routine. Point is, it's hectic coming up with a post or an article to post on the steem blockchain everyday. Infact, it goes on further to the point whereby steemians feel reluctant to use ideas and express it in an article because factors such as upvote and time hinders them and so we have other cool platforms such as dtube & dlive to ease the stress of writing too much and simply make a video, also we have dsound for audio recording or uploads and steemmonsters for games and many more.. The main aim is to make the steem blockchain versatile to the point where there's something in store for everyone and that's what we want to do, we want to fill up the gaps and create something awesome and unique to stand out and we came up with DRadio. Unlike other platforms, dradio is an online decentralized platform that allows users and presenters alike to host and participate to promote their audio contributions such as songs and their music brand as well.

unnamed (3).jpg

In the early days, we had radio channels which were hosted on FM and so on but that's a bit of the idea we have for dradio. We are taking a large number of this radio channels into the steem blockchain whereby we have steemians are presenters and owners of their own channel.

A channel can be likened to having a block on the blockchain.

Hosted channels on the dradio decentralized platform will be well accredited for and presenters will be chosen by channel label owners... Let's go into it's full details.


In simpler terms, take dradio as an arena or marketplace for selling all kinds of product, then we have brand owners of their own kind of products such cadbury, nestle, netflix, shoprite and so on and each brand has its owner and its workers. They might be selling the same type of goods but they have their own unique brand or label and hence, each brand will have its own space on the market which is rented, payed for or accredited for.

Let's take this analogy into Dradio, dradio will be a decentralized platform open for the community to host channels as sub divisions on the site. A pre-sale can be carried out to allocate spaces to create channels and issue brand or label names to. Of course, each individual can purchase a channel and issue a label of his choice to it and have full access to modify this channel as he wants thereby, channels will be likened to stations on the platform.

Sub-divisions will be issued to the label owners which will have their own unique brand at the end of the pre-sale and that's where we as presenters come in. Presenters, unlike channel authors need not to host a station. Presenters are in essence, the backbone of this platform.

As dtubers are likened to dtube enthusiast so as presenters are likened to dradio

Presenters are responsible for promotion activities on the platform as well as conducting on-air 24/7 shows to entertain listeners and adverts of all sorts to promote brands. This in short is creating massive job opportunities on the blockchain because as a presenter, Dradio supports you in form of upvotes and gifts for running shows on the platform therefore the party never stops. Here's where we move to our third category of users on the platform which is listeners.

Listeners are the benchmark of Dradio. Listeners are the world inhabitants in general, people visiting the site and making use of it are our listeners and they too can participate in on-air shows with contributions of several sorts on talk shows, online seminars and events hosted on the platform and promotion activities by simply participating. Unlike any other platform, Dradio rewards listeners in upvotes and gifts alike thereby generating traffic on the platform which leads to more profitable income.

In all, we have three categories which are channel authors/owners, presenters and musicians alike and listeners/users. All which are generating income for the community by simply using the platform. Channel authors earn by distributed rewards by Dradio on monthly basis and presenters/musicians earn almost indefinite throught rewards from dradio and channel authors as well. This is where we get the community attention.. Then listeners and users get commended for their participation through gifts and upvotes as well from dradio.

Dradio is a crypto-vast platform so it makes use of several cryptos such as LTC/BTC/ETH/DGD/SBD/STEEM and others as well.

Earnings and Reward pool worth

Rewards distributed will be generated from staked sp or delegeted sp. Every week, a power down will occur to refill reward basket for distribution to contributors and a reset of steem powered down will be done every week to commodate for newly generated steem. Also rewards can be generated through upvotes as well while we still search for ways to generate more with other crypto staked in the community. {suggestions are welcomed} .

Task Outline

As developers, our task will be to create this unique platform and set in place orders and prints of labels and brand by keeping track of timed transactions on the blockchain with activities on the Dradio platform such as on-air broadcast and promotions.

Thanks for reading.
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