Halfway through 2015

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It wasn't long before Shantra left with our children in 2015 that I discovered a non-profit for men called, Equal Rights for Divorced Fathers in Las Vegas, NV. They provided a donation based legal service for those who couldn't afford the typical legal services associated with family court. They were highly effective in decades prior but when I went in 2015 they had a new guy in charge and was a more of a woman's hating group now and days. It was so bad that the secretary who was married to the guy in charge was yelled at daily and belittled by her husband. It was extreme. Despite the bad tone and appearance of this place I went with these guys who were in all reality an over glorified paralegal service exclusively for men.

I was pretty hard up on money and was turning down work just to visit this place and making errands for them. It was stressful but they were helpful initially with filing an expedited court summons with family court. But that was about as helpful as they were as I came to find out that the people working there were former and/or current gangsters from LA. They were quite adamant about locking women up and the gang connections they had. It got even more strange as I came to also find out that the guy in charge had a long standing feud with my judge in particular.

The Equal Rights for Divorced Fathers outfit became quite a headache real quick. They ended up referring me to a lawyer who I paid around, if I recall right, $1000 dollars for a hour visit and a court appearance. This guy, ironically enough used to negotiate contracts for my union in the 1990s. He also was married to a judge in the family courts, so naturally I thought we had an advantage.

But I was wrong. There was no advantage. This guy only had one trick up his sleeve and that was to lock up Shantra for all her warrants for prostitution. I insisted that in our affidavit we try to play nice and try to get her counseling based on her erratic behavior. We ended up with what would be a short 6 page affidavit for court. It detailed her throwing her head into a wall, running around the neighborhood in her night gown screaming to using our children as a shield to prevent me from driving away from her madness to name a few things that clearly was a result of her traumatic childhood as a prostitute. She had never and still refuses to seek any kind of therapy for all her trauma.

Through this process I had contacted my Grandfather on my mom's side and my 'God parents' who were really my mother's best friends. I sought help and to mend bridges broken by impossible situations. My grandfather and I had never got along every since I stood up to him as a 11/12 year old in family court and was successful with the help of distant family in getting out of his abusive household. I had found child porn on my godparents family computer. They blamed it initially on a zip file that was accidentally downloaded from a coworkers blueprints. They instructed me to not report it to the cops in 2004 just to have them 5 years later place the blame on me. I walked away from both of those relationships but was willing to give a olive branch to them in hopes of creating a better outcome for my sons. Both told me that they wanted nothing to do with any of it.

Well, they lied. They both ended up working with Shantra behind my back to have their skeletons hidden and to have a last laugh if you will against me. From using family friends who court advocates against, their family lawyers to even finding a Shantra a job at a law firm that hired former and current prostitutes they made sure I was to pay for my past actions of finding their filth and standing up against their nonsense in the past.

The day for court arrived sooner than later and to my mild surprise my Grandfather was there. When it came time for my lawyer and Shantra's lawyer to meet the judge in pretrial they meet in a closed room for 10 minutes without us. When they came back my Lawyer looked at me with lost wide eyes and sweating bullets stating that she had one of the best lawyers in town and said there must had been a court sponsored investigation because a court advocate ( my family's friend) investigated the child porn and found I downloaded it? He also showed me the one inch thick report that was hundreds of pages long detailing grievances my Grandfather and Godparents had more so than Shantra herself. It was quite mind boggling. He warned me that it was a tactic to make the whole process too expensive to fight each allegation.

He obviously was re-pushing for the locking her up argument...


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