My sketchbook - 2014

in #drawing4 years ago

Hey people! I got lots of sketchbooks, and this one is from 2014 :)

There's lots os trainings about comics I was reading that time, like Lucifer and Sandman, there's also anatomy training from drawing sites I used too see, friends from college that seat around me, movies and book characters, punk people, some original characters, general annotations and other stuffs...

I don't know about you, but for me, see other people sketchbooks is so much inspiring! Helps to feed my mind and boost my creativity, hope my drawings here can do the same with you :)

WARNING: There are some nudes trainings on some pages.

Music: Explosions in the sky - Your hand in mine

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@aleduruy Your sketch book is very good.
I liked it very much.

Thank you! These are some flowers from my grandma garden 😊

Great Sketch I have so many nice flowers that your garden may look good too. @aleduruy

That batgirl is pretty cool, did you post it in your page?

no, but maybe I will post some photos of these drawing soon 😁

Nice work!Keep it up you are good in this.


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