Character Design: Lia

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Hello people! How are you doing? :) Today I'm posting another character design I did for my webcomic "Void Girls", this time is Lia, the engineer of the team! She's a smart girl who is always creating new things, like motorbikes, weapons and little gadgets that helps the others... Next time I'm going to post the androids of the gang... Hope you like it 😁



Fab! A lot of personality and a really nice and unusual color scheme <3
Btw, spelling mistake in the title.

Her leg reminded me of Edward Elric.
I love the stars on her leg! She's got character!
Can you tell me where can I read your comic once its finished?!

Nice Design Work! Leaves the right amount of Wonder.

These are great designs! Awesome work.

Really cool Character design! 🌹🌹🌹😁

The "stars" sock on her robotic leg really makes it work.

The facial expressions are well done, even the hangover one :)

So awesome <3 Love her personality and design <3 her expressions are also very fun :D I wanna meet her and be her friends XD

upvotes and resteems

Her leg! She looks really cool :D

Me encanta :D! the leg! nice one

firma 3.jpg

Wow awesome :) she's cool

amazing character design! <3

cool! she remind me of full metal alchemist :D

Oh wow great
I like Lia's thinking, she thinks for the help of another.

Thanks @aleduruy

OMG! This is so great, i love the stars, nice touch <3

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