Dr. Strange Drawing Process

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Hey people! Today I'm posting the process of a drawing I did of Dr. Strange :) It's a new style of painting, different from what I'm used to do, hope you like it!

Step 1: Quick sketch, just to mark the lines...


Step 2: Now improving the quick sketch, adding some more details...


Step 3: And final lineart is ready!


Step 4: Adding the flat colors here....


Step 5: And then a little shadings...


Step 6: Put a background here!


Step 7: Make some yellow lightnings...


Step 8: Conjure a small magic here, and it's done! :D


Hope it helped you, a little gif here:



Great job @aleduruy!
That's nice artwork.

Love it! Thank you for sharing the process :D

This is beautiful, fascinating, I love your art. Keep it up. <3

Amazing, best creatif
Thanks information for you

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Lovely Dear!

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