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RE: Fiora the Grand Duelist League of Legends Fanart

in #drawing4 years ago

Lovely. Keep practicing everyday and i assure you will see the progress. You should also consider saving this so you can do a side to side comparison whenever you feel like drawing Fiora again. league-of-legends-fiora.jpg


I think I'll definitely draw her again in the future, not sure when though but I'm thinking of drawing Akali next and possibly Yasuo. :D

Ohh Akali is one that surely needs some love. With her splash arts not being updated and all, and really i haven't seen much of any cool arts about her...Alas, her rework is coming soon :3

Akali is a champion I wish I was good at but she's very feast for famine and its not really my playstyle. :( I'm an Ahri main so I play pretty safe but I like assassin Ahri but still shes safer than Akali.. Hopefully her rework will make her more playable even if you don't get some snowball kills.