Drawing Eyes and Feathers with Colored pencils

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Hi steemians! these are tep by step pictures of my drawing! Here are the work in progress pictures of my Owl drawing! His name is Zeus, a rescued screech owl.
He is blind but what a miracle in his eyes! the galaxy in his eyes.

Heres how I started, with the eyes. A sketch and filling the eyes with pastel purple and light blue and blue green and leaving out white circles for the stars


after layering the eyes, I draw the beak. and use light blue, gray and pink yellow and green as well, theyre essential to make a drawing realistic.

Then I draw the feathers around the eyes and the beak, The paper is light so I draw the dark shades first and leave out the white parts.

I work my way down by shading a layer of brown and green and a little blue and purple for the feathers
Black is always last to shade. although a layer of blue brown or violet green creats a darker shade than just using black!z8.jpg

theres a layer of color on the background!

I finish all the other feathers and background. using green and brown and orange shades around the white areas to make it look real.
The effect of the camera though has a yellowish hue to this shot.z11.jpg
I had it framed but I just put it away. I dont know where to hang this at the moment.

I hope you enjoyed and learned something.

Check out my other art :D thank you :D


Stunning! :) I love your work and look forward to your future drawings :)

Thank you so much :D

nice work jacinta, it look more realistic than a draw.

So nice to hear that it looks realistic! ive been practicing realistic art :D thank you :D

Wow, another gorgeous owl. This one looks like I can reach out and brush through its feathers! The depth is incredible.

thank you :D thats why they say shading is very vital to a drawing it makes all the difference. plus color theory! thanks so muchhhhhhhhhhhh

This is my favorite <3 I love your works Jas . Idol kita aaaaa

Hello!!! Idol din kitaaaaa. Thanks! I love this one and the fox as well :D ❤❤❤❤

Are you the goddess of drawing? Lol. This is beyond amazing. Those eyes are epic like their creator. Hahaha :D

Lol hahhahhhahhhhahha awwww thanks. Well I got lucky with this one. I'll make this again and make the eyes even better.

@jacinta.sevilla, like your drawing and skill. It's nice to see that community is growing with good artists.

Thank u so much for the kind words! :D you paint as well! awesome :D <3