Creation and inspiring children

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Good afternoon all, this time i want to share picture made by my daughter. Chance my daughter still was five years. In a minute will go school early childhood education ( PAUD ). Are depictions of made yesterday. He told that a child women he picture is he, who accompanied a cat. I do not understand where would he get ideas to create the image because i never teach it to make such a picture. But i think maybe he see a around. Perhaps just one day he has talent and skill in artful of painting.


Selamat @putrisan postingan Anda terpilih sebagai salah satu konten kreatif terbaik hari ini versi KubuKutuBuku. Selanjutnya akun resmi @kubukutubuku dan anggota-anggota prioritasnya akan segera mengapresiasi postingan ini.

Nice post. Your daughter is so talented in art. Kid's creations could inspire people especially for parents. You can put a slide show of your daughter's drawings, it'd be much delightful. Good luck.

Good luck always for you and your daughter. :-D

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