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RE: Chinese General - Inked

in #drawing4 years ago

Well he definitely looks like a stereotypical man but I guess it doesn't hurt to make sure that everyone knows that the general is in fact a rugged manly man. And yeh there is something about animation that just makes men excessively big XD

The armour is indeed very nice and shiny and so beautifully intricate! My favourite thing is the flowy cloth everywhere though, I like flowy things, and they're a nice contrast to the hard lines of Mr General Manly Man.

Also, there appears to be a tower on a floating island in the background :D



that armour was the sole reason why i ended up inking this XD so im glad it came out like how i wanted it shineyshiney~ aww yeahhh .... oh yes! i notice ryry loves flowyswoosshhyyy things XD ryry of the swooshy~

yayaya that's the pagoda tower! it's a very traditional tower in ancient eastern lores :D

I should probably be doing a lot more anime/manga style drawings given how much I love the swoosh, but I don't because not really my style XD

Pagoda was probably the word I wanted, I was sitting there for ages glaring at my screen going WHAT'S THE WORD. Obviously need moar sleeps ;D I love their shape.


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