Fontaine (exquisite corpse collaboration)

in #drawing4 years ago (edited)

Fontaine (2016)

This is a Exquisite Corpse collaboration I did with Florian Walde from Germany. I started the bottom half covered it with only a small strip to see and he finished the top half.

Also did another EC collaboration with Florian where he started and I finished the other part. I will post that result very soon in a new post :)

Hope you like the result?

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Thanks @geronimo for all the upvote support! Much appreciated and really motivating :)

You deserve it as a valuable member of the steem(artist) community.

Thanks again :)

WOW SANDER <3 another gorgeous collab ! both styles really bring something so strange and yet so beautiful in the mix! <3 I really like this <3 VERY COOL COLLAB !!!


Thank you @veryspider! I hope to post more collaborations soon :D

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